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vishwanath vishwavia Google

which is best tyre for maruthi wagan r 145/80R13

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Hello Vishwanath,


The Micheline Energy XM2 is a fairly quiet tyre with good dry as well as wet grip.

On the lower end of the price spectrum is the Bridgestone Turanza, will be quieter and offers better wet grip and decent dry grip.



vishwanath vishwavia Google

which tyre is better upsizing for marthi wagan R

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Hi Vishwanath,

If you're driving the LX or LXi variants, then the stock tyre size would be 145/80 R13. You can go wider without changing the rim if you opt for 165/70 R13 but this is not a popular spec so your options will be limited. If you're ok with changing the rim, then you can safely jump to the VXi-spec 155/65 R14, which will give you one size wider rubber and one size bigger wheels.

If you already have a VXi, then 165/60 R14 is your safe bet. But this one too is a rare one to find.



I have Wagon R LXI CNG company Fitted. It's 2015 Model and I have crossed 46 k kms.. I need to change all 4 types please suggest me the most durable and long lasting tyres thanks

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Hi Pratik,

Look at the MRF ZVTS, which is also offered on many cars straight from the factory.

The JK Ultima NXT is another tyre to look at. But beware that these are hard compound tyres and braking performance is far from exceptional. However, both of these will last very long and at low speeds, they stop in a predictable manner.


Ravindra Pathakvia Google

Tyres for WagonRLXI

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Hi Ravindra,

These MRF ZVTS will last a long time and are also very affordable. Many compact cars come with these tyres from the factory.

Spending a little more for the Bridgestone B290 will give you better grip and much less road noise.

These Bridgestone Turanzas are the cream, though. They are extremely quiet and the grip on wet roads is exceptional. As expected, the price is also on the higher side.

My personal recommendation would be the B290 as it offers a fantastic balance of grip, road noise and aren't that pricey either.


Hitendra Rathodvia Google

Wagon R lxi tubeless tyre

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Hi Hitendra,

The tyre spec you're looking at is 145/80 R13.

It's available from almost all popular tyre brands and the price varies depending on the rubber compound. Soft rubber is costlier, grippier, quieter and won't last very long. Hard compound gives better fuel efficiency and last long time but they are noisy and don't perform well in an emergency braking situation.

Here are three options:

Aashish Yadavvia Facebook

Hi Sir.. My name is Ashish Yadav. I have a Maruti Wagon R, 2014 model. Which tyres will be perfect for my car ?????

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Hi Ashish,

Click this link to the list of tyres available for your car- suggesting you the best tyre, I would need to know many things like your driving style, condition of the roads that you drive on, and generall usage of the tyres. That said, you can safely go for tyres like Michelin Energy XM2 or Bridgestone Turanza ER-60. Also read:How road conditions effects tyre performance


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