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Hi for my xuv w8 im planning to upsize the tyre size cn u pls suggest the same alloys which was company fitted

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Hi Rajaneesh,he stock size on your  XUV is 235/65 R17. The posible upsize is 255/60 R17. You can buy Hankook Dynapro HL RA25 tyre in this size. If offer great handling and ride qulality along with superior wet and dry traction.

In case you want something better then go for Pirelli Scorpion Verde. This tyre is better than Hankook Dynapro in every way, and hence a little more expensive.


Ansar Tvia Google

Hi sir, which tyre I can select for xuv5oo, can I try 255 profile?

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Hello Ansar, 

You can go for size 255/60 R17. You can go for Hankook Dynapro HL RA25. In case you want something better then go for Pirelli Scorpion Verde. All these tyres are highway terrain tyres and suitable for only mild off-roading.


Sarfaraz Hussain Muhibvia Google

Dear Siddharth I want to change tyres in xuv 500 w8 which have done 58000kms and now I want to go for up size 265/65/r17 Yokohama geolander A/T against original size 235/65/r17. Should I go for it please suggest. How will it effect vehicle performance and comfort

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We won't recommend you to upsize to 265/65R17 as the diameter difference between stock and this size is over 5% (we recommend upsize it dia difference is under 3%). A better upsize would be 255/60R17 (dia difference in this case is 0.16%). But keep in mind that the upsized tyre will most likely stick out of the wheel arches. After upsizing the grip levels will definitely improve but some negative effects include heavier steering and slightly increased fuel consumption.


Abdul Mubeen

Hi I m owning xuv500 2014 model w6 I ve changed the wheels to alloy wheels but the tyres r original bridgestone,when I drive above 100 or 120 I get a little vibration (obling)at front I have to hold the steering, tyres milage is 23000km,I ve done balancing ,alignment, alloys EVD make

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Hi Abdul,

The vibration at a certain speed is most likely due to out of balance wheel. Please get the balancing done again, if possible from a different tyre shop this time. Also try rotating the wheels i.e move front wheels to the rear. Also checkout these articles- What causes vibration? and Tyre rotation



Xuv500 comes with 235/65 R17 tyres. Is upgrade to 255/65 R17 is acceptable? Other than mileage, does it affect engine life, slow pick up etc as well

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Hi Abhi,

The correct upsize for the XUV500 will be 255/60R17. Pickup might be effected due to upsize but it will be very negligible and you won't even notice it. 


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