User Reviews for Birla Tyres

User Reviews for Birla Tyres
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User Reviews for Birla Tyres

  • better cornering abilities

    The Birla ROADMAXX BT S62 tyres have been my choice for replacement of the stock tyre of my bike. Post the usage of tyre for over 30,000 km, I find it safe to conclude that these tyres are great when it comes to performance. The flexible sidewalls in them provide my bike with safety from punctures and also the tread design gives better cornering abilities.


    By chaman lal
    On: 2020-02-20 08:38:22
  • Excellent Wet Traction

    I have been using the Birla ROADMAXX BT S61 on my bike for a very long time and did not face a single issue so far. Considering its price point and the excellent wet traction that it offers, thanks to the low Knob design and the flexible sidewalls that protect against punctures effectively, these tyres are highly recommended.


    By tushar
    On: 2020-02-20 07:19:58
  • Good Quality Tyre?

    The Birla ROADMAXX BT F23 is an exceptional tyre for usage as it offers increased grip over both dry and wet roads and also eases in cruising through the city. Also, the unique silica compound present in it helps in improving the life of the tyres. After using it for more than a year, I would surely recommend it to everyone looking for a good quality tyre.


    By sandeep khatri
    On: 2020-02-19 11:37:52
  • Durable Tyre

    In my opinion, the Birla FIREMAXX R51 is the best tyre from Birla, it offers good traction and performance over all forms of terrains. Been using the tyre for more than six months now and I feel it’s worth every penny. This tyre is a must to anyone who is into durable tyres that give increased performance.

    By shashi narula
    On: 2020-02-19 09:09:10
  • Comfortable Ride with this Tyre

    Been using the Birla FIREMAXX R50 over four years now. I have successfully travelled over 40,000 plus km using this tyre and have not faced a single major issue yet apart from a puncture. The well-cushioned layers of rubber provide for the comfortable ride and its robust tyre construction provides high structural durability.


    By rajesh mehta
    On: 2020-02-19 06:49:39
  • Amazing Tyre

    Birla FIREMAXX R45 can be a great option for those who drive their bikes through the city on a regular basis like me. The best part about this tyre is its scattered grooves which offer enhanced cornering abilities and the wide centre rib of the tyre helps in offering amazing handling and stability at high speeds.


    By kartik
    On: 2020-02-17 10:59:28

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