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Size: 145/70 R12 69TType: Tubeless
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Size: 145/80 R12 74TType: Tubeless
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Size: 135/70 R12 65TType: Tubeless
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Size: 145/70 R13 71TType: Tubeless
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Size: 155/65 R14 75TType: Tubeless
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Size: 155/70 R13 82TType: Tubeless
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Size: 145/70 R12 69SType: Tube
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Size: 155/65 R13 73TType: Tubeless
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Size: 155/80 R13 79TType: Tubeless
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Bridgestone Tyres Price List30 Models available

Model name
Price Range
Firestone FR500
24 Sizes available
2,350 - 6,150
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25 Sizes available
2,500 - 8,850
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8 Sizes available
2,820 - 5,410
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8 Sizes available
3,000 - 4,750
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16 Sizes available
3,050 - 10,685
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16 Sizes available
3,200 - 8,220
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Ecopia EP150
14 Sizes available
3,240 - 7,025
View Details
23 Sizes available
3,315 - 9,500
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20 Sizes available
3,315 - 9,700
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MY02 Sporty Style
16 Sizes available
3,600 - 8,950
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5 Sizes available
3,700 - 5,150
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1 Size available
Ecopia EP100A
8 Sizes available
4,444 - 8,178
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3 Sizes available
4,450 - 6,720
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6 Sizes available
5,300 - 6,700
View Details
4 Sizes available
5,500 - 7,976
View Details
2 Sizes available
6,010 - 6,440
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14 Sizes available
6,430 - 10,180
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Turanza T001
12 Sizes available
6,450 - 17,375
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Ecopia EP850
6 Sizes available
8,378 - 14,835
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Potenza S001
17 Sizes available
8,635 - 39,505
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7 Sizes available
8,750 - 13,885
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11 Sizes available
10,100 - 21,500
View Details
2 Sizes available
10,230 - 15,015
View Details
5 Sizes available
11,000 - 30,810
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Potenza RE050 RFT
7 Sizes available
15,030 - 31,925
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Ask our Tyre expert

Anil Kumar Kodavalavia Google

dear sir i am using i10 sportz. tyre specification 155/80 R13 79 S. can u suggest which comapany is good?

Hello Anil,

If you something top of the line then go for Michelin Energy XM2 or Bridgestone Turanza AR20 tyres. Both these tyres offer excellent wet and dry grip, long tread life and a very comfortable ride quality. They both perform equally well on all aspects expcept that Michelin Energy XM2 offer a better ride quality than Bridgestone. 

In case you want something less expensive then go for Yokohama Earth-1. This tyre also offers superior traction and long tread life with good comfort.

However, If you are looking at an economical option that offers decent grip but a very good tread life then MRF ZVTSwould be a good option.

Hope this helps.




Tarun Khowalvia Facebook

I am looking for best performance tyres for Honda idtec 2014 under 195 width. I don't want to compromise with the quality.

Hi Tarun,

I am assuming that you want tyres for Honda City Idtec. ( As you did not specify vehice model in your question ). SUitable size in 195mm width would be 195/60 R15.

I would suggest that you should go for Michelin Primacy 3ST tyres. These offer excellent wet and dry grip, exceptional ride comfort, precise handling and long tread life.

However, if you have an aggressive driving style and want high-performance tyres then Bridgestone Potenza GIII tyres would be a great choice. These tyres offer exceptional wet and dry grip and crisp handling. But since these are high performance tyres, the ride comfort and tread life will not be as good as with Michelin Primacy 3ST.

Hope this helps. Drive safe !



Tyre Expert
Ramit Anand

Our Tyre expert answers all your tyre-related queries.

About Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone Corporation is a famed manufacturer of automobile and truck parts, which is based in the city of Kurume, Japan. It was founded on March 1, 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi. This company has its headquarters in Kyobashi, Tokyo and controls about 18.2% of the global market. At present, it has a total workforce of above 1,10,000 employees worldwide. Its products are sold in more than 150 countries and nearly have 47 tyre manufacturing plants along with 93 non tyre making units across the globe. In addition to these, it has three technical research and development centers and there are ten proving grounds available. This firm supplies high quality products that include tyres for different vehicles, automotive parts, industrial rubber products, sporting goods, chemical as well as electro materials. Bridgestone tyre dealers are available in almost all the cities with whose help, all the necessary products can be purchased.
Innovation in Technology:
It is the first corporation in Japan that sold rayon cord tyres in the year 1951. At the same time, a five year project was also started that focused on improving its production facilities. Another building of Bridgestone tyres was constructed in Kyobashi, Tokyo that has a museum as well. Two years later, it attained a top place in the tyre industry with its sales surpassing ten billion yen. In 1959, the sale of nylon tyres took place and a new Tokyo plant was opened in 1960 so as to cope with the rapidly growing market for motorization.

Bridgestone in India allows its customers to choose the right tyre for their vehicle. It supplies products to a lot of automobile companies including Audi, Chevrolet, Hyundai, BMW, Skoda, Volkswagen and many others. The list of some of its high performance tyres include:

  • ECOPIA EP100
  • AR 20
  • S248

Meanwhile,  the manufacturer supplies its products for trucks and buses as well. With the help of Bridgestone dealers, buyers can find a wide range of tyres for their vehicles. Some of these include:

  • M729
  • R153
  • G611
  • M751
  • L301
  • R156

These are supplied only through the authorized Bridgestone tyre dealers in order to ensure its customers find genuine products. Many commercial dealers are available in the country, who provide information about Bridgestone tyre prices and make purchasing them quite easier for the buyers.
Formula Racing:
During 1980s, this corporation had also invested in motorsport and supplied race tyres for Formula 2, Formula Ford and Formula Opel Lotus as well. It was the only firm to supply tyres to the FIA Formula One World Championship in the period of 2008 to 2010. On the other hand, it had also designed its products for the MotoGP, which is the main class of Grand Prix motorcycle racing.
Other products of Bridgestone:
The Japanese tyre maker is engaged in producing varied products apart from its high performance tyres. These are construction materials, train carriages, air springs for trucks and automotive accessories as well. It also offers industrial products, electronic equipment as well as construction materials. This list features conveyor belts, polyurethane foam materials, marine hoses, waterproofing sheet, marine fenders, precision rollers and so on. Meanwhile, its sporting goods include golf clubs, balls and tennis rackets as well.

User Reviews for Bridgestone Tyres 


Average Rating Based on all reviews
  • The Bridgestone Potenza ER88 A great handling
    By Posted on 2015-03-16 17:42:27

    The Potenza ER88 is another great manufacture from Bridgestone. This tyre makes the best of benefits available for its driver. It affirms a superior grip on all surfaces, and keeps the vehicle grounded at all speeds. Handling is improved by many lengths, with a tight steering and a better braking ability. Furthermore, it has an excellent wet performance as well. The tyre is also gifted with longevity, improved for lasting tread life. The low rolling effort that it has takes up lesser fuel to keep itself in its wake, and thus fuel savings are also improved. All put together, this is one of the finest achievements of Bridgestone.

  • A great steering response Bridgestone Potenza RE050A RFT
    By Posted on 2015-03-16 17:40:23

    Bridgestone is one of the greatest of the world's tyre makers, and this model brings forth their acclaim on every front. The tyre is a model for all the benefits one expects in a radial. It brings high traction to keep the vehicle sustained in safety. Performance is improved with the aid of a firm control. The steering response is top notch, and this makes for an upgrade to the vehicle's handling. Cornering is made easier and less strained. Braking is also improved, so that the vehicle is brought to a stop easily. Fuel savings are improved, and a comfortable ride are also assured as added benefits of the fine tyre model.