Maruti Swift 2004-2011 Tyre Size and Price

Maruti Swift 2004-2011 VARIANT NAMETyre Size*Approx Tyre Price (Actual Price May Vary)
1.3 LXI165/80 R142699
1.3 VXi165/80 R142699
1.3 VXI ABS165/80 R142699
1.3 ZXI185/70 R142987
Glam165/80 R142699
Ldi BSIII165/80 R142699
Ldi BSIV165/80 R142699
Lxi BSIII165/80 R142699
LXi BSIV185/70 R142987
One Million Edition Vi165/80 R142699
Vdi BSIII165/80 R142699
VDi BSIII W/ ABS165/80 R142699
VDI BSIV185/60 R153549
VDI BSIV W ABS185/60 R153549
VXI BSIII165/80 R142699
VXI BSIII W/ ABS165/80 R142699
VXi BSIV185/70 R142987
VXI with ABS165/80 R142699
ZXI ABS185/70 R142987
ZXI BSIII185/70 R142987
ZXi BSIV185/70 R142987

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Maruti Swift 2004-2011 Tyre Comparision

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