Maruti Wagon R 2013-2022 Tyre Size and Price

Maruti Wagon R 2013-2022 VARIANT NAMETyre Size*Approx Tyre Price (Actual Price May Vary)
AMT VXI155/65 R142660
AMT VXI Option155/65 R142660
AMT VXI Plus155/65 R142660
AMT VXI Plus Option155/65 R142660
CNG LXI155/80 R131846
CNG LXI BSIV155/80 R131846
CNG LXI Opt155/80 R131846
CNG LXI Opt BSIV155/80 R131846
Diesel155/65 R142660
DUO LPG145/80 R13 2350
KREST145/80 R132350
LX BS IV145/80 R132350
LX DUO BSIII155/80 R131846
LXI155/80 R131846
LXI Avnace Edition145/80 R132350
LXI BS IV145/80 R132350
LXI CNG145/80 R132350
LXI CNG Avance Edition145/80 R132350
LXI CNG Optional145/80 R132350
LXI DUO BS IV145/80 R132350
LXI DUO BSIII155/80 R131846
LXI Opt155/80 R131846
LXI Optional145/80 R132350
Pro145/80 R132350
VXI165/70 R142700
VXI 1.2165/70 R142700
VXI 1.2 BSIV165/70 R142700
VXI AMT165/70 R142700
VXI AMT 1.2165/70 R142700
VXI AMT Opt165/70 R142700
VXI AMT Opt 1.2165/70 R142700
VXI AMT Opt 1.2BSIV165/70 R142700
VXI AMT1.2BSIV165/70 R142700
VXI BS IV155/65 R142660
VXI BS IV with ABS155/65 R142660
VXI BSIII W/ ABS155/80 R131846
VXI Opt165/70 R142700
VXI Opt 1.2165/70 R142700
VXI Opt 1.2BSIV165/70 R142700
VXI Optional155/65 R142660
VXI Plus155/65 R142660
VXI Plus Optional155/65 R142660
ZXI 1.2165/70 R142700
ZXI 1.2BSIV165/70 R142700
ZXI AMT 1.2165/70 R142700
ZXI AMT 1.2BSIV165/70 R142700

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Maruti Wagon R 2013-2022 Tyre Comparision

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