Renault Duster 2012-2015 Tyre Size and Price

Renault Duster 2012-2015 VARIANT NAMETyre Size*Approx Tyre Price (Actual Price May Vary)
1 Lakh Edition215/65 R165299
110PS Diesel RxL215/65 R165299
110PS Diesel RxZ215/65 R165299
110PS Diesel RxZ Pack215/65 R165299
2nd Anniversary edition215/65 R165299
4x4215/65 R165299
85PS Diesel RxE215/65 R165299
85PS Diesel RxE Adventure215/65 R165299
85PS Diesel RxL215/65 R165299
85PS Diesel RxL Optional215/65 R165299
85PS Diesel RxL Plus215/65 R165299
Adventure Edition215/65 R165299
Petrol RxE215/65 R165299
Petrol RxL215/65 R165299
RXL AWD215/65 R165299
RXZ AWD215/65 R165299
85PS Diesel RxE215/65 R165299
110PS Diesel RXZ Optional with Nav215/65 R165299
85PS Diesel RxL Optional with Nav215/65 R165299

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