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Apollo - Amazer 3G
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Bridgestone - S322
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Apollo Amazer 3G 145/70 R12 69T


Bridgestone S322 145/70 R12 69S





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    2 Models Supported

    Cars using Amazer 3G 145/70 R12 69T Tubeless

    Cars using S322 145/70 R12 69S Tube

  • Handling
    This feature explains how good this tyre is in term of handling & response.
  • Fuel Saving
    This feature explains how much this tyre helps in improving vehicle fuel efficency.
  • Wet Grip
    This feature explains performance and control in wet road conditions.
  • Ride Comfort
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  • Durability
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    Reviews for Amazer 3G 145/70 R12 69T Tubeless

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    • By Posted on 05-03-2015 17:45:45

      Apollo has made a place in the halls of fame with respect to tyre manufacture, and this radial shows us just why. The Amazer 3G is the best of all worlds. It fulfills its base purpose of providing grip and ensuring that the car stays clutched to the road. But the tyre goes many lengths for other features, improving braking capacity and cornering. It helps to build stability and balance, and has the capacity to weather wet surfaces. It has the best steering response for an even more refined handling. It has a condition that can endure through time and maintain quality. The radial provides a quiet and comfortable drive, and it also increases fuel efficiency. On the whole, this is one of the finest products that tyre enthusiasts could have needed, to hit the shelfs.

    • By Posted on 29-03-2016 04:07:36
      I am using this tyre since last 2 years .... It is a good tyre with good grip
    • By Posted on 17-05-2019 15:09:08

      I bought the Apollo Amazer 3G tyre for my Alto 800 a couple of years back. The tyres have done close to 12,000 kms till date. I am overall happy with the experience provided by the Amazer 3G. The best part about them is the low tyre noise they make on highways. Though I never drive the Alto 800 at very high speeds, the Amazer 3G manages to stay quite even when I sometimes floor the throttle. I have driven my Alto with these tyres in extreme conditions as well, especially during heavy Mumbai rains. But they manage to hold ground and make the Alto handle like it ideally should. I am also happy about the fact that these tyres costed me close to Rs. 2000 cheaper than any other brand on the market.

    Reviews for S322 145/70 R12 69S Tube

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    • By Posted on 05-03-2015 17:59:16

      Bridgestone is one among the top tyre making companies in the world that specializes in producing quality tyres. S322 is one among its numerous models that is mainly designed for offering a quiet and comfortable driving experience. It comes with an exceptional braking ability that lets the vehicle stop at shorter distance. It improves the wear resistance and provides maximum grip on both wet and dry road conditions. This tyre has the ability of preventing aquaplaning through its grooves that pumps out water easily.

  • Speed Rating (kmph)
    This indicates the maximum speed ( in kmph ) for the tyre when the vehicle is at full load.
  • Load Rating (Kg)
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  • Width (mm)
  • Aspect Ratio (%)
    t is the ratio of the sidewall height’s to the cross section width.
  • Rim Size (Inches)
    This stands for the diameter of the wheel that the tyre is designed to fit.
  • Construction Type
    R stands for radial-ply construction. B stands for bias ply.
  • Warranty (Year)
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