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Goodyear - DURAPLUS
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Bridgestone - TURANZA AR20
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Goodyear DURAPLUS 155/65 R13 73T


Bridgestone TURANZA AR20 145/70 R13 71H





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    Cars using DURAPLUS 155/65 R13 73T Tubeless

    Cars using TURANZA AR20 145/70 R13 71H Tubeless

  • Handling
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  • Fuel Saving
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  • Durability
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    Reviews for DURAPLUS 155/65 R13 73T Tubeless

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    • By Posted on 05-03-2015 15:53:29

      Goodyear has basked in acclaim for years, leading the tyre industry and raising standards by many lengths. This tyre proves their worth in this regard. It has a blend of the best characteristics a tyre could adorn. Along with fulfilling grip and a good braking capacity, it provides unwavering balance to the car through all twists and turns, keeping it stable all through. It has the most precise steering, also contributing to the car's control and handling. The radial takes its achievements further with a firm wet surface traction and good drainage action as well. It makes for the smoothest and most comfortable ride, with the least rolling resistance and lesser strain in motion. It also brings the fuel consumption down as a result, and allows for a quiet as well as comfortable ride. All in all, this model engraves itself in the echelons of best radials, which is sure to stand for years to come.

    • By Posted on 17-05-2019 15:16:30

      I first used Good Year tyres when they came as a OEM fitment in my 2002 Maruti Zen, the one that was fondly referred to for its Jelly-Bean shape. Ever since that time, I have been a loyal Good Year fan. Every car in my family has Good Years as their shoes. Though they lack utmost grip, the Good Year tyres are known for their durability. I have driven my second-gen Swift over very rough terrains in my hometown (Shillong) and the tyre is still holding strong even after covering over 36,800 kms. Of late, I am seeing some hikes in prices of Bridgestone tyres, though haven’t been able to check out other brands and can’t comment on whether this brand is the only one having this price hike.

    Reviews for TURANZA AR20 145/70 R13 71H Tubeless

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    • By Posted on 20-02-2015 14:18:39

      Bridgestone specializes in producing high quality tyres, which are supplied to several countries in the world. This particular model from the company named TURANZA AR20, is made of Flat Contact Patch (FCP) that gives a better contact area. It also prevents risk of tyre deformations, while increasing its life span. The use of advanced silica tread compound is an advantage as it aids in offering a matchless performance by reducing its rolling resistance. 

  • Speed Rating (kmph)
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  • Width (mm)
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    t is the ratio of the sidewall height’s to the cross section width.
  • Rim Size (Inches)
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  • Construction Type
    R stands for radial-ply construction. B stands for bias ply.
  • Warranty (Year)
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