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MRF - Nylogrip FE
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    10 Models Supported

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  • Handling
    This feature explains how good this tyre is in term of handling & response.
  • Fuel Saving
    This feature explains how much this tyre helps in improving vehicle fuel efficency.
  • Wet Grip
    This feature explains performance and control in wet road conditions.
  • Ride Comfort
    This feature explains how smooth and comfortable ride this tyre delivers.
  • Durability
    This feature provides an indication of tyre wear and tyre life
  • Reviews & Rating
    1 Review
    1 Review

    Reviews for MoGrip Moto D 2.75/18

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    • By Posted on 09-03-2015 15:21:19

      MRF is a very popular tyre brand, whose products are supplied to numerous countries all over the world. All the tyres offered by this firm are the result of its latest technological methods and research. One such model from this brand is MoGrip Moto D, which is the best choice when it comes to wet traction. It comes with an aggressive block design that keeps a vehicle grounded by offering the much needed grip. Whether a vehicle is driven on highways or off roads, this component ensures maximum stability. This tyre has a rugged tread pattern with solid blocks that gives it a larger contact path. It offers the much needed resistance and safety thus, making it a preferred choice among various others. All in all, this is a perfect model that is developed with all the fine qualities that any driver could ask for in a tyre.

    Reviews for Nylogrip FE 90/100 R10

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    • By Posted on 16-03-2015 16:30:27

      The radials of MRF score on some of the very best features possible. This is a tyre that blends all the best features and makes for a ride experience of the finest. It has superior traction to tread on all surfaces, and excellent wet performance as well. It is highly durable, with a cutting edge make that defies most other models ever made. A uniform wear function, along with a low rolling effort, together ensure that the energy needed for the vehicle are lowered and, as a result, the fuel consumption is reduced. The best braking and handling is delivered, and control is tightened. Balance affirms the vehicle all through the way. A comfortable, peaceful ride is guaranteed, sealing this as one of the best ride experiences to be.

  • Speed Rating (kmph)
    This indicates the maximum speed ( in kmph ) for the tyre when the vehicle is at full load.
  • Load Rating (Kg)
    Which corresponds to maximum weight ( In kilogram) a tyre can carry at full speed.
  • Width (mm)
  • Aspect Ratio (%)
    t is the ratio of the sidewall height’s to the cross section width.
  • Rim Size (Inches)
    This stands for the diameter of the wheel that the tyre is designed to fit.
  • Construction Type
    R stands for radial-ply construction. B stands for bias ply.
  • Warranty (Year)
    5 Years
    5 Years