User Reviews for Continental Tyres

User Reviews for Continental Tyres
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User Reviews for Continental Tyres

  • fuel efficient and durable

    Continental CONTI ECO CONTACT 3 is a pretty durable and fuel-efficient tyre. It has been running for more than three years on my Hyundai EON, and they are still performing without any issue. Except for the minor punctures, I did not face any sort of major issue with this tyre. I was able to get it at a very good price point and considering that, it offers outstanding performance. It comes with low rolling resistance that helps in improving the fuel economy of my car. It is perfect for hatchback owners who want to drive their car in the city only.

  • Continental CONTISPORTCONTACT 2 MO FR ML: A model with good braking ability.

    This is a tyre that brings the best of everything to its owner. It has grip to suit all surfaces, and braking ability to clean out corners with strain-less ease. Precision steering helps the vehicle with the very best that control can give. The tread life is made for the highest and sturdiest build, ensuring lasting quality. The radial also enhances subtle features, giving the vehicle a better fuel economy, and bringing down energy consumption. A comfortable, quiet and peaceful ride are also granted with a radial such as this one. All in all, the CONTISPORTCONTACT 2 MO FR ML affirms just why Continental is the most grand manufacturer in the world of tyre building.

    By sachin
    On: 2015-03-09 11:18:23
  • Continental ContiCrossContact AT Owl A model with good traction and cornering ability.

    This ContiCrossContact AT Owl is a tyre model with engineering at its top notch. This is a radial that hits the finest with respect to all features in a tyre. It has an excellent grip on both dry and wet grounds. It offers smooth and safer braking ability. A far more precise steering response upgrades control for the vehicle wearing this tyre. It is made to withstand all anomalies of a road, with an outer format that is made to resist cuts, tears and punctures. It is highly durable and fuel economy is also improved with its lower rolling resistance. This tyre seals its benefits with a smooth, comfortable and quiet ride for its passengers.

    By abhishek
    On: 2015-03-09 11:09:34
  • Continental ContiCrossContact AT XL Owl: Known for a great steering response.

    Continental seals its victory in the tyre industry with products such as this one. This ContiCrossContact AT XL Owl model series ensures high quality. It combines the best of all things one could expect in a tyre. It gives a firm grip on all surfaces, makes for smooth braking, and enhances control by many lengths. It brings the best handling with a top notch, precise steering response. In addition to all these conventional features, this radial also helps build a smooth and comfortable ride with a far lower rolling resistance and noise emission. The fuel economy, as a result, is also improved by virtue of this. All in all, this is a top class tyre that brings home the finest.

    By vandana seth
    On: 2015-03-09 10:55:52
  • Continental CONTIPREMIUMCONTACT 2 Gives balance and stable driving.

    The CONTIPREMIUMCONTACT 2 is a tyre that blends the best of all features. It grants high end performance, but does not let down on more subtle features such as comfort and fuel economy. A firm grip on all surfaces, the best braking ability, and a precise steering response give the radial the best handling ability out there. All in all, it brings the best of all worlds to its passengers.

    By anwesh
    On: 2015-03-03 03:32:29
  • Continental CONTIECOCONTACT 3, a model that improves mileage.

    CONTIECOCONTACT 3 is one of the finest radials from Continental. It has impressive performance, refined with the best handling that can be given. It allows a sturdy grip on all surfaces, including wet ones. A most responsive steering ability further upgrades control. The radial goes past conventional limits of tyres, and brings the vehicle a better fuel economy, and also builds a quiet and comfortable drive.

    By sivadathan
    On: 2015-03-03 03:27:35


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