User Reviews for Falken Tyres

User Reviews for Falken Tyres
Based on 9 User reviews

User Reviews for Falken Tyres

  • Reliable tyres

    Falken tyres are known for their reliability and I have been using SINCERA SN835 for the past few years on my Hyundai i10. I am so thankful to Falken for making such amazing tyres. I love long rides and have taken my i10 for loads of long drives and there was not a single breakdown what so ever. The tyres provide a terrific grip on wet roads and even on gravels. Top-speed stability was also on point and there was no wobbling at all. The mileage figures have also increased after installing these tyres. I have taken these tyres to these ghat twisties, broken roads and huge potholes but there was no physical damage to the tyres. Even a few years there are very fewer signs of wear and tear. At this price point, you can not find more durable and reliable tyres. I will surely recommend these sets of tyres.

    By manoj singh
    On: 2019-05-27 06:22:49
  • Falken WildPeak H/T01 is A landmark for control and handling.

    The WildPeak range of tyres have always garnered much praise from tyre critics, and this latest addition, Wildpeak H/T01 means to raise their quality. It provides the best grip and braking stability, along with a precise steering response to further upgrade its control. A low rolling resistance brings a better fuel economy, and well conditioned grooves provide a noise free, comfortable drive.

    By shekhar
    On: 2015-03-05 03:05:35
  • Falken Linam R51 LT One of the excellent models for enhanced handling.

    Falken is one of the finest tyre companies in the world, and this one, especially depicts just what makes them grand in what they do. This Linam R51 LT tyre model is the engineering in its most advanced form. It brings the best control along with providing precise steering and firm braking ability. It offers maximum traction on all surfaces, and keeps a vehicle balanced and stable at all speeds. Fuel economy is also improved with the lower rolling resistance that this tyre has. A quiet and comfortable ride top all of the benefits it offers.

    By nikhil
    On: 2015-03-05 03:01:54
  • Falken SINCERA SN835 The best braking ability in a radial.

    Falken brings an edge to the tyre industry with models such as these. The SINCERA SN835 is tyre engineering at its finest. It has high durability and an enhanced tread life to battle the uncertainties of roads. It brings a firm control for the driver, with a precise steering and good braking ability. Traction is built on all surfaces, including slippery and wet ones. This radial also scores as a fuel saver that brings comfort and peace to a driver. All in all, Falken refines its reputation with a model such as this one.

    By sandhya suri
    On: 2015-03-05 02:57:17
  • Falken WildPeak A/T is A model that offers the finest grip.

    Falken finds its place among some of the most renowned companies in the world, and one can hardly wonder why with tyres such as these. This WildPeak A/T is quality at its very finest. It brings the best to streets, welding performance with safety and handling. Braking is enhanced for stable turning and faster stopping capacity. The traction brought by this radial weathers on all surfaces, with grip on wet grounds as well. The fuel economy is increased with the aid of a radial such as this one. Sealing its range of benefits along with a quiet and comfortable drive for its passengers, is something that is rarely afforded by cars these days.

    By praveen bhati
    On: 2015-03-05 02:47:00
  • Falken ZIEX ZE912 Grip that is unmatched.

    Falken stands among the list of well established tyre making companies, which caters to the needs of countless people all across the world. It has produced all kinds of tyres and this ZIEX ZE912 model is specifically developed for Indian road conditions. It comes with unique as well as attractive tread design that minimizes uneven wear and enhances rigidity during emergency braking. The sipes and shoulder blocks further aids in giving a quieter ride, while ensuring better handling and safety at all times. Moreover, it comes with wear indicators, which notifies when it should be replaced. On the whole, this tyre model has all the qualities that any driver could look for.

    By vandana seth
    On: 2015-03-05 02:42:29


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