Help & FAQ

  • Q: Why buy through TyreDekho?
    Ans: Buying tyres can be confusing, primarily due to the lack of information available. Add to this the hassles of finding a trusted dealer, with accurate options and the pains of non-standard pricing. Tyredekho takes the pain out of the process and helps you make an informative decision. We offer a wide range of brands and extensive tyre options to give you the information needed to find the perfect tyre for your vehicle. We work with quality controlled dealers and fitment centres to ensure that you receive unmatched quality of service and your car remains in safe hands of trained professionals.
  • Q: How does Tyredekho work?
    Ans: Tyredekho helps you research and buy tyres, in 4 simple steps. 1) Enter your location and choose from our extensive range of tyres, available in your area. You can filter your search according to vehicle type (car or bike), tyre brand, size and other specifications. 2) Once you have found the perfect tyre for your vehicle, confirm the booking by selecting your required quantity, providing your contact details and verifying the amount. No upfront payment required!  3) After you confirm the booking, our partner will call you to schedule an appointment according to your convenience. 4) Drive your vehicle to the tyre fitment centre at the scheduled appointment time and get your tyres changed. Hassle free! Pay the amount, post fitment and satisfaction.
  • Q: How do I know what tyre to choose for my vehicle?
    Ans: Tyredekho helps you find compatible tyres for your vehicle. You can search by entering your vehicle’s make, model and variant. You can then choose from our extensive range of tyres, from both Indian and foreign tyre manufactures. Specifications, expert reviews, ratings and comparable options are provided for every tyre in an easy to read format.
  • Q: How do I find the size of the tyre currently fitted in my vehicle?
    Ans: The size of the tyre can be found on the sidewall of your tyre. Tyredekho can help you understand the meaning of each number found on the tyre side wall.
  • Q: What does the price include? Does Tyredekho levy any additional charges?
    Ans: The price quoted on Tyredekho is inclusive of sales tax/VAT and surcharge (if applicable in that location). The price also includes the cost of new tyre tubes, in case you have ordered tube type tyres. Any other services availed at our fitment centres (like wheel alignment, oil change etc.) might be chargeable. Please refer to the order booking email for details.
  • Q: Why do you need my contact details for booking the tyre order?
    Ans: We need your contact details to connect you with the tyre fitment center. We also need it to schedule the appointment for tyre change and to share any updates with you. We will not share contact information with any 3rd parties for promotional purposes without your prior consent.
  • Q: I've placed my tyre order, what happens next?
    Ans: Once the order is received, we will ensure that your experience is seamless. You will receive a confirmation SMS and an e­mail from us, within a few minutes of placing your order. We will arrange a confirmation call from the tyre fitment center to schedule your appointment.. The tyre fitment center will ensure that the tyre is available before you arrive at the fitment centre. At any point, you can write to us or call us for clarifications or queries. The contact details will be mentioned in the booking email.
  • Q: What happens if I don’t turn up at the scheduled time?
    Ans: In case of no show at the scheduled time, you shall receive a call from us to reschedule the appointment.
  • Q: How long does the tyre fitment take?
    Ans: Usually, tyre fitment takes around 30 to ­45 minutes. Our onsite technicians will be able to give you a much precise estimate.
  • Q: Where do I make the payment?
    Ans: You are required to make the payment directly at the tyre fitment center post fitment of tyres.
  • Q: How is the tyre fitment centre identified while placeing the order?
    Ans: We try to ensure that you get the best price at a fitment centre near to you. The fitment centre is recommended after calculating the options available near your locality, driving distance to fitment centre and the price of the product, but of course, this can be changed as per your preference.
  • Q: Can I Buy other products/services as well?
    Ans: Most of our fitment centres offer other services apart from tyre change. You can get in touch with the fitment centre directly to avail any service that they offer.
  • Q: Do I need to pay for the wheel balancing and alignment?
    Ans: The charges of wheel balancing and alignment depends on the fitment centre and is usually waived off, when the order quantity is 4 or more. We would suggest you get in touch with the fitment centre for these details. However tyre fitment is free of charge, irrespective of the quantity of tyres ordered.