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Hankook offers 19 tyre models for cars.. The Hankook OPTIMO K715, which starts at Rs. 2643 is the cheapest car tyre offered by Hankook in India. The most expensive car tyre in the Hankook portfolio is the Hankook VENTUS AS RH07, which retails at Rs. 18193.
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Size: 145/70 R13 71TType: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 204
Size: 155/65 R13 77TType: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 179
Size: 155/70 R13 75TType: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 452
Size: 155/80 R13 79TType: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 106
Size: 155/65 R13 73TType: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 217
Size: 165/65 R13 77TType: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 102
Size: 175/65 R14 82HType: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 422
Size: 185/65 R14 86HType: Tubeless
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Views in last 3 days - 94
Size: 185/70 R14 88HType: Tubeless
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Hankook Tyres Price List

19 Models available
Model namePrice Range
Hankook OPTIMO K715
6 Sizes available
2,643 - 3,900
Hankook OPTIMO ME04
1 Size available
Hankook OPTIMO ME02 K424
11 Sizes available
3,622 - 7,387
Hankook OPTIMO K415
2 Sizes available
3,644 - 4,236
Hankook OPTIMO ME02
2 Sizes available
3,956 - 4,200
Hankook VENTUS V12 EVO
3 Sizes available
5,150 - 9,956
1 Size available
Hankook VENTUS V12 EVO K110
2 Sizes available
6,511 - 12,148
6 Sizes available
6,513 - 13,024
Hankook DYNAMIC RA03
1 Size available
Hankook VENTUS ME01 K114
2 Sizes available
7,489 - 8,167
Hankook VENTUS H101
2 Sizes available
7,711 - 7,889
Hankook VENTUS AS RH07
5 Sizes available
8,144 - 18,193
Hankook Ventus Sport K104
2 Sizes available
8,260 - 10,667
1 Size available
Hankook DYNAPRO HP RA 23
2 Sizes available
8,889 - 12,000
2 Sizes available
10,180 - 13,511
1 Size available
1 Size available

Ask our Tyre expert

neeraj jhavia Google

Chevrolet sail Base 1. 2, I need to change the all 4 tyres and my monthly running is not more than 500 km

Hi Neeraj,

You can go for Goodyear Assurance Triplemax tyre for your Sail to begin with. In case you want to go for something better then go for Falken Sincera SN-835 or Bridgestone Turanza AR20.


Ritesh Prajapativia Google

Hi I am looking for a tyre change in my Skoda octavia elegance 2.0 TDI AT 2013 model. 205/55 R16 ran 50000 km. Is it the right time to change? Can I go for higher profile? Which are the best tyres for my car
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Hi Ritesh,

Yes, you must change the tyres now for optimum safety and performance.

You can upsize to 215/55 R16.

Yokohama A.Drive would be a good tyre for your Octavia to start with. It offers good performance and handling. A better tyre would be Hankook Ventus V12 Evo. It offers great performance, comfort and handling. 

In case you want a tyre which offers great comfort and long tyre life along with great grip then go for Michelin Primacy 3ST.




Tyre Expert
Ramit Anand

Our Tyre expert answers all your tyre-related queries.

About Hankook Tyres

Hankook is a South Korea based tyre making company, which stands seventh in the world market. It was founded in the year 1941 as Chosun tyre company in Seoul and later in 1968, its name was changed to Hankook tyre manufacturing. The renovation of its Yeongdeungpo plant took place in 1958, while it exported its products to Pakistan for the first time in 1962. The manufacturer opened its first Middle East branch in Kuwait in the year 1976 and after four years it set up another one in the United States. The year 1982 marked the establishment of a technological research center in Korea and earned the E-mark Certification from the Economic Commission for Europe. Between 1990 and 2000, this firm has managed to enter the overseas original equipment (OE) tyre market and signed a contract with Volkswagen for the supply of OE tyres. Furthermore, it has established a few technical centers in Germany and United States besides having their own production facilities in China. In 2004, Hankook tyres started “Driving Emotion” as a part of its corporate branding strategy. The construction of its Hungary plant began in 2006 while the company signed an OE supply partnership with Audi after two years. Hankook celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2011 and the very next year, it became the official sponsor for the UEFA Europa League. In 2013, it was selected as the official equipment supplier for New Mercedes Benz S-Class and signed an MOU with the Tennessee state for their U.S. plant.
Involvement in Motorsports:

This corporation encourages and sponsors numerous Motorsport competitions and teams in many places. While this company signed up with the highly acclaimed Farnbarcher Racing (FBR) for racing a Ferrari F430 GT fitted with Hankook Tyres. In 2008, it supplied tyres for the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) Prototype Lites during 2007 – 2009. Also, the manufacturer supplied tyres for the Hankook KTR team and the Formula 3 Euroseries. Moreover, the company is the series sponsor of the Scottish Rally Championship and since 2011, it is the official supplier for the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) series.
Social Contribution Center:
Hankook tyres India ensures client safety by way of customer oriented management practices. The prices are frugal and at the same time the company offers superior quality products that meets the requirement of numerous customers. With several business and economic activities, this corporation promotes environmental as well as social values. Moreover, the tyre maker tries in resolving the problems in local communities through its philanthropic activities as well.  
In India, Hankook provides a wide range of products for passenger cars, sports utility vehicles, buses and light trucks as well. Good reviews from the customers have further helped the company in enhancing its brand value. Some of their most acclaimed products are given below:

  • Ventus V12 evo2
  • OPTIMO H426

Meanwhile, it supplies tyres for competition cars as well like:

  • VENTUS F200
  • VENTUS Z207
  • VENTUS Z213


You can find the price sheet of Hankook tyres at all their authorized dealers, who will be more than happy to give it to the customers and also explain the products in detail. The firm is also focused on setting the price of their products in an affordable range, which is gradually making it a fierce competitor in the market.


Average Rating Based on all reviews
  • Great performance
    By Posted on 2019-05-27 18:29:47

    My Honda city is equipped with OPTIMO ME02 for the last three years and I have done around 35,000 km on these tyres. One thing I would say that these are the best tyres that I have ever used on my Honda city. With other tyres, I have faced the issues of a tyre bursting in summers whereas on these tyres I never faced such issues as it comes with upgraded-heat resisting properties. I faced minor puncture issues but that’s fine considering the price. The great tyre pattern reduces the noise at high-speed and the wear and tear of the tyre. Even high-speed stability is great on them. The braking performance on uneven roads has also improved after installing them. Even the mileage was also increased a bit. I will surely recommend this product as it provides a great performance at a reasonable price.

  • A safe drive assured by the Hankook Ventus V8RS
    By Posted on 2015-03-23 18:57:57

    The Ventus V8RS combines all the best elements that, together, make a tyre worth its quality. It brings a great control for the vehicle, keeping it within lines of safety and stability always. Braking is improved, steering is tightened, and grip is firm always. Wet performance is just as excellent, ensuring the best safety on wet surfaces as well. The tyre also raises the fuel economy with its low rolling effort. Durability of the highest is imbibed with the tyre, so that the quality it offers lasts through the rough roads and the rough times. It seals its benefits with a great ride quality, ensuring a quiet, comfortable ride always. This radial is perhaps one of the best ever made, one set to raise safety and performance on the roads.

  • Hankook Ventus V12 EVO K110 brings a superior control
    By Posted on 2015-03-23 18:56:06

    This model marks an achievement like few others in its range. It brings a firm control to the vehicle at all conditions, ensuring the best stability. Handling is made smooth and eased out, and taking on corners is allowed with confidence. Wet performance is just as top notch, so that safety of the finest is secured on wet grounds. Its build incorporates the most precise engineering and, as a result, it is given the firmest protection and longest lasting life. The radial makes for the most all rounded health, achieving a low fuel consumption as well. A peaceful, comfortable ride is also guaranteed, sealing the benefits of the great model.

  • Hankook Ventus V12 EVO assures smooth driving
    By Posted on 2015-03-23 18:53:45

    This model is a quality product from Hankook. It ensures the best control on all road conditions, and makes for smooth and eased handling. It has a precise steering, an improved braking, a tightened steering, and an excellent grip. The fuel economy is improved. Durability of the highest is guaranteed with this tyre, destined to provide quality that lasts.

  • A firm grip enabled The Hankook Ventus Sport
    By Posted on 2015-03-23 18:51:30

    The model combines all the best features in one model. It brings a firm hold for the vehicle on both dry and wet surfaces. The car is protected with balance and safety throughout, and aided with top notch control. Handling is made smooth and eased out, perfected to suit the driver. An assurance of durability comes with this radial, made for the best strength possible. It also touches upon the fuel benefits as well, and ensures a quiet and peaceful ride always.

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