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30 different tyre models are available for the Hyundai Sonata Transform, which wears tyres of 215/60 R16 size. The most affordable tyre available for the sonata-transform is the KR-10, which is priced at Rs. 3600. The Primacy 3 ST at Rs. 13705 is the most expensive tyre available for the sonata-transform.
CEAT Tyres SecuraDrive 215/60 R16 Tubeless

CEAT SecuraDrive

Price Not Available
Size: 215/60 R16Type: Tubeless
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Pirelli Tyres P7 215/60 R16 95V Tubeless

Pirelli P7

Size: 215/60 R16 95VType: Tubeless
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Kenda Tyres KR-10 215/60 R16 95H Tubeless

Kenda KR-10

Size: 215/60 R16 95HType: Tubeless
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Yokohama Tyres E70B DB P215/55 R17 94V Tubeless

Yokohama E70B DB

Size: P215/55 R17 94VType: Tubeless
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Apollo Tyres Aspire 4G 215/55 R17 94W Tubeless

Apollo Aspire 4G

Size: 215/55 R17 94WType: Tubeless
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Apollo Tyres Alnac 4G 215/60 R16 95H Tubeless

Apollo Alnac 4G

Price Not Available
Size: 215/60 R16 95HType: Tubeless
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Michelin Tyres Primacy 3 ST 215/55 R17 94V Tubeless

Michelin Primacy 3 ST

Size: 215/55 R17 94VType: Tubeless
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Bridgestone Tyres TURANZA GR90 215/60 R16 95V Tubeless

Bridgestone TURANZA GR90

Size: 215/60 R16 95VType: Tubeless
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Michelin Tyres Primacy 3 ST 215/60 R16 99V Tubeless

Michelin Primacy 3 ST

Size: 215/60 R16 99VType: Tubeless
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Ask our Tyre expert

Siva Prasadvia Google

I have i10 and need to replace now. Pl let me which brand is safer and durable.

Hi Siva,


These two things are contradicting. A softer compound will offer good grip for better braking under emergency situations but will wear out faster. Harder rubber will last long but braking performance will be poorer. You have to find balance based on your usage.

I'd recommend the Michelin Energy XM2. It has only three centre gutters in the centre to hold water on wet roads as there more channels to push it outward. That increases the amount of rubber in contact with the surface. So you get good dry and wet weather grip with more rubber to shred before it's time to replace.

Here's the link:

Falken Sincera is another option that's also cheaper than the XM2 but won't last as long as the XM2.

Both of these tyres will be quieter and grippier than the factory tyres you got with your car. The improvement will be noticeable.



Naveen Sharma

I am having dezire diesel engine car from Suzuki company and in 35000 km my Bridgestone tyres are need to replace because of wear and tear. Kindly guide me why this is happening
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Hi Naveen,

Generally tyres lasts for about 40,000-50,000 km. However this figure is just an estimated figure. Tyre wear depends on number of factors like your driving style, general maintenance like alignment/balancing and checking tyre pressures regularly. 


Tyre Expert
Ramit Anand

Our Tyre expert answers all your tyre-related queries.