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JK Tyres Blaze BA21 90/100 R10

JK Blaze BA21 - 90/100 R10

Tubeless tyre for Bikes

  • 90/100 R10
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  • 6 Years
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This tyre is specially designed for scooters and comes with an innovative tread pattern which provides for effective wet and dry grip.  Zig-Zag central groove provides for improved handling and stability.

Features & Benefits-

  • Directional sipes provide for effective wet grip
  • Central Zig-Zag groove provides for better handling and stability
  • Superior tread rubber provides for enhanced tread life
  • Optimized tread pattern provides for improved fuel efficiency


  • Width

    90 is the width in millimetres of the tyres cross section.

  • Aspect Ratio

    90 is the Aspect Ratio, it is the ratio of the sidewall height to the cross section width.

  • Construction

    Radial construction. R stands for radial-ply construction.

  • Rim

    10 inches, stands for the diameter of the wheel that the tyre is designed to fit.

Compatible With

  • Size: 90/90 R10 50JType : Tube
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  • Ralco

    Ralco Tyres Blaster-F 90/90 R10 Tubeless
    Price not available
    Size: 90/90 R10Type : Tubeless
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  • Ask our Tyre expert

    Qaharsh Girnarvia Google

    best tyre size for audi a3 2.1

    The optimum tyre size for the specified car will be 205/55 R16 91V. If you are looking for new tyres, then consider Kenda KR-20 or Yokohama A.Drive AA01.

    Naveen Sharma

    I am having dezire diesel engine car from Suzuki company and in 35000 km my Bridgestone tyres are need to replace because of wear and tear. Kindly guide me why this is happening
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    Hi Naveen,

    Generally tyres lasts for about 40,000-50,000 km. However this figure is just an estimated figure. Tyre wear depends on number of factors like your driving style, general maintenance like alignment/balancing and checking tyre pressures regularly. 


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    Ramit Anand

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    JK Tyres Blaze BA21 90/100 R10