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Kenda car tyre price in India starts at Rs. 1850 for Komet Plus KR23, which is the cheapest model. The most expensive Kenda tyre is AC01 priced at Rs. 4400. Most popular models for Kenda includes Kenda Komet Plus KR23 Rs. 1850, Kenda Kaiser KR20 Rs. 2100, Kenda Komet Spt-1 KR10 Rs. 3400. There are 98 tyre sizes available for different cars like etc. Select a Kenda tyre to find out its latest price, specifications, images and more at TyreDekho. Also, locate over 46 dealers across 3567 cities in India.

Kenda Car Tyres Price List In India

Model NamePrice Range
Kenda Kaiser KR20
4 Sizes available
Kenda Komet Plus KR23
8 Sizes available
Kenda Komet Spt-1 KR10
2 Sizes available

Kenda Car Tyre Models

  • Kenda Komet Plus KR23
    Kenda Komet Plus KR23
    • iconFuel Efficient
    • iconWet Grip
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  • Kenda Kaiser KR20
    Kenda Kaiser KR20
    • iconFuel Efficient
    • iconWet Grip
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    Kenda Kaiser KR20 Variants
  • Kenda Komet Spt-1 KR10
    Kenda Komet Spt-1 KR10
    • iconFuel Efficient
    • iconWet Grip
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  • Kenda Klever M/T KR29
    Kenda Klever M/T KR29
    Price Coming Soon
    • iconFuel Efficient
    • iconWet Grip
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  • Kenda Klever H/T KR50
    Kenda Klever H/T KR50
    Price Coming Soon
    • iconFuel Efficient
    • iconWet Grip
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    Kenda Klever H/T KR50 Variants
  • Kenda Vezda Ast-1 KR26
    Kenda Vezda Ast-1 KR26
    Price Coming Soon
    • iconFuel Efficient
    • iconWet Grip
    Contact Dealer
    Kenda Vezda Ast-1 KR26 Variants
  • Kenda Kenetica KR17
    Kenda Kenetica KR17
    Price Coming Soon
    • iconFuel Efficient
    • iconWet Grip
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    Kenda Kenetica KR17 Variant
  • Kenda Kelever A/T KR28
    Kenda Kelever A/T KR28
    Price Coming Soon
    • iconFuel Efficient
    • iconWet Grip
    Contact Dealer
    Kenda Kelever A/T KR28 Variants
  • Kenda Kelver H/P KR15
    Kenda Kelver H/P KR15
    Price Coming Soon
    • iconFuel Efficient
    • iconWet Grip
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    Kenda Kelver H/P KR15 Variants
  • Car Using Kenda Tyres

    • Hatchback
    • Sedans
    • SUV
    • MUV

    About Kenda Car Tyres

    Company Overview:

    Kenda, a pneumatic tyre manufacturer, was established in the year 1962 in Taiwan. Its production houses are spread in Mainland China and Vietnam. This company has its headquarters present in Yuanlin, Changhua County, Taiwan. It is engaged in making tyres for automobiles, bicycles and industrial equipment as well. In 2003, Kenda entered into the $200 million joint venture with Cooper Tire & Rubber Company in China. In 2010, it stood at the 27th place in the list of leading tyre manufacturers present all over the world. The next year, a decision was made to sell about 50 percent of shares from the huge joint venture. This firm offers a wide range of products in every segment, right from automobiles to industrial and all demanding applications as well. All its products are strategically designed to meet every challenge irrespective of their kind. Not just this, but they also exceed the regulations set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to deliver best quality and safety. Presently, its operations are carried out at nine locations in five countries, whereas its distributors and retailers are spread all across the globe.


    The first ATV tyre from this brand is the Bearclaw, which is made of a snag resistant material. Introduced in 1994, it includes a 6-ply heavy duty casing and an innovative tread that lasts long and gives enhanced traction. With the huge success of this model, the firm further extended it to include 23 sizes, for varied applications. Two years later, the K500 was brought in with 4-ply tyres. By developing the K399, this manufacturer went on to become the first one to convert to metric sizing. In 2001, it’s first motocross or off-road tyre named K771 Millville was introduced. The next year marked the entry of K1010 Nevegal into the market, which is still rated high by the mountain biking professionals.


    With a vast experience and available technology, Kenda manufactures tyres for all kinds of vehicles right from bikes to ATVs and passenger cars as well. The products on the offer include:

    KR-10 (Tubeless) KR-20 (Tubeless) KR-23 (Tubeless)


    Kenda is the sponsor for the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) Continental Cycling Team, which is named “Giant Asia Racing Team”. It also supports the professional teams like Cleveland Cavaliers (basketball), Rockets (basketball), Cincinnati Reds (baseball) and Columbus Blue Jackets (ice hockey).

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Kenda

    What is the average life of a Kenda Car Tyre ?

    Average life of Kenda tyre depends on how well the Car has been maintained, driving style, road conditions etc. Well, almost every Car or other vehicle manufacturer recommends their customers to replace the tyres after every 5 years, regardless of tread depth available on them. This is because Car tyres usually have a shelf-life of 5 years.

    How to read Kenda Car tyre size correctly?

    For example the code on a common fitment for Indian car is - 205/65 R 95H.
    • 205 indicates the nominal section width of the tyre in millimeter
    • 65 indicates its aspect ratio, a comparison of the tyre's section height with its section width
    • R indicates radial ply construction.
    • 15 indicates the nominal diameter of the wheel rim (15 inches).
    • 95 represents a maximum load of 690kg per tyre; H represents a maximum speed of 210km/h
    Click here to know how to read a car tyre size correctly

    Which Kenda tyre is the most expensive?

    Priced at 4400 Kenda AC01 is the most expensive Car tyre.

    Which Kenda tyre is the cheapest?

    Priced at 1850 Kenda Komet Plus KR23 is the cheapest Car tyre.

    Which tyre of Kenda is the most popular?

    Kenda Komet Plus KR23, Kenda Kaiser KR20, Kenda Komet Spt-1 KR10, Kenda Klever M/T KR29, Kenda Klever H/T KR50 are some of the most popular tyres. They are available in different sizes and fit most Car types.

    How many dealers are available for Kenda tyres in India?

    There are around 46 tyre dealers across India.
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    • mahen parmar asked 15 Feb 2020 12:28:21
      Quality of kenda tyre..

      We will recommend you to choose OEM tyres brands such as Bridgestone, MRF, Apollo, Yokohama, and Michelin.

      Answered 28 Feb 2020 06:33:45

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