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Aeolus Tyres PrecisionAce AH01 205/60 R16 92H Tubeless

Aeolus PrecisionAce AH01

Size: 205/60 R16 92HType: Tubeless
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Aeolus Tyres ECO Touring Ace AG03 205/60 R16 92T Tubeless

Aeolus ECO Touring Ace AG03

Size: 205/60 R16 92TType: Tubeless
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Kenda Tyres KR-10 205/60 R16 92V Tubeless

Kenda KR-10

Size: 205/60 R16 92VType: Tubeless
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Kenda Tyres KR-10 215/60 R16 95H Tubeless

Kenda KR-10

Size: 215/60 R16 95HType: Tubeless
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JK Tyres Vectra 205/60 R16 92V Tubeless

JK Vectra

Size: 205/60 R16 92VType: Tubeless
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MRF Tyres ZV2K 205/60 R16 92H Tubeless


Size: 205/60 R16 92HType: Tubeless
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Apollo Tyres Alnac 4G 205/60 R16 92V Tubeless

Apollo Alnac 4G

Size: 205/60 R16 92VType: Tubeless
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MRF Tyres Wanderer Sport 205/60 R16

MRF Wanderer Sport

Size: 205/60 R16 
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JK Tyres UX ROYALE 205/60 R16 Tubeless


Size: 205/60 R16Type: Tubeless
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Ask our Tyre expert

Ranjini Kumarvia Facebook

Hi, I bought a maruti vitara Brezza and it has Apollo tyres fitted in it . On a long drive the tyre got punctured and i found that there is a swelling of tyre at two places. What can be the reason for swelling of tyre. Is it necessary for tall the tyres to be of the same make
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Hello Ranjini,

The problem you encountered is called 'Tyre Bulge'.

This is usually caused when the tyre hits a sharp object ( like edge of a pot hole, or curb of the road ) with great force.

Another reason is that there could be a manufacturing defect in the tyres. This can be only deduced once Apollo would inspect the tyres for damages. If it is a manufacturing defect, then in most of the cases you can claim warranty.

To answer the other part of your question, it is best if all the tyres of a vehilce are of same brand and type. However, if that is not possible then make sure that tyres on an axle are of exact same brand and type.

So, you may use one particular brand and tyre model for 2 front tyres and some other brand and model tyre for rear axle. However, I repeat, it is best if all 4 are of same brand and type.


Ramit Anand

Vinayak kumar Upadhyayvia Google

For Maruti Swift vxi 2013, all tyres have completed 45000 km . Pl guide me in selecting new tyres

Hello Vinayak,

Since all the tyres have been used for around 45000 kms, it is in your best interest to change all of them. While I would be better able to suggest tyres on the basis of your requirements and basic needs, yet , I would try to cover as many bases as possible.

If you want tyres that offer decent performance but have longer tread life, then MRF ZV2K would be a good option. The downside is that these tyres are a bit noisy, especially at high speeds.

In case you want something better, then Yokohama Earth-1 would be a very good option. Not only are these tyres reasonably priced, but they also offer great traction, comfort and handling. Even the tread life is quite good.

However, if you want something top of the line, then go for Michelin Energy XM2 or Bridgestone Turanza AR20

Both these tyres offer superior traction, excellent handling and a very comfortable ride quality. While Bridgestone is more durable on rough roads, Michelin tyres offer better ride comfort and enhanced tyre life.



Tyre Expert
Ramit Anand

Our Tyre expert answers all your tyre-related queries.