User Reviews for Metro Tyres

User Reviews for Metro Tyres
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User Reviews for Metro Tyres

  • A whole new realm of handling with the Metro Continental Navigator Plus

    This is a radial that brings the best of all benefits home. It assures a lasting tread life with quality that does not deteriorate. The best grip and traction is applied to all surfaces. Furthermore, braking is improved, giving the radial an easy cornering ability. A precise steering response brings an upgrade in the bike's control and handling. Comfort and peace are also ensured with the low noise emission and smooth drive that it means to build. Altogether, this radial sets a new standard out there, and holds true to it.

    By rajendra singh
    On: 2015-03-26 05:32:01
  • The best of handling with the Metro Continental Metro Thunder

    Here is a radial that merges the best benefits that tyres could ever have offered. Besides enabling octane, high performance and speed, it ensures a comfortable and smooth drive with lower strain and hindrance. The most precise steering keeps the bike in top notch control. Braking and handling are also refined to the very finest. Grip is offered for a range of surfaces, and a superior wet traction keeps the bike stable on slippery spots. Comfort and peace are also protected by this tyre, made for lower noise, and a smooth, easy drive. Altogether, this is a tyre that defines quality for the entire industry.

    By thomas
    On: 2015-03-26 05:29:38
  • Metro Continental Conti Rib Makes a ride smoother and noise free.

    Metro Continental is a renowned tyre company that is engaged in supplying fine quality radials. Among the list of its products, this Conti Rib is a model designed for two wheelers. This radial has all the qualities that a rider would normally look for. It offers the best braking ability, safe cornering, good steering control and also saves a lot of fuel. All these aspects together makes it one of the perfect models among various others.

    By thomas
    On: 2015-03-11 10:23:13
  • Impressive handling and stability ensured by Metro Continental Conti Sumo.

    Metro Continental has made its mark in the tyre industry by offering superior quality radials for a range of vehicles. This Conti Sumo model series in particular, is one of the finest tyres for two wheelers that gives better mileage and lasts long. It is made of numerous elements that makes it highly durable and boosts its performance on both wet as well as dry surfaces. Handling and stability are best ensured with this radial, which also has an outstanding braking ability. Besides offering good steering response, it also helps in easy as well as safe cornering. Therefore, all these qualities certainly makes this is a preferred choice among many others in the market.

    By sandhya suri
    On: 2015-03-11 10:19:35
  • The Metro Continental Conti Sumo Plus brings a supreme control on all surfaces.

    Metro Continental is a name that has branded itself among bike radial manufacturers. This model, the Conti Sumo Plus, is another of their finest engineering manifested. It brings a great control over the vehicle when driving, equipped with an improved braking and a precise steering response. Furthermore, the traction that the tyre provides endures all road conditions, and also wet surfaces. Precision engineering builds the tyre for longevity to go alongside its great quality. The tyre also seeks to reduce the burden of fuel consumption, and makes for a peaceful, comfortable ride.

    By amlan bhattacharya
    On: 2015-03-10 04:29:49
  • Great handling enabled by the Metro Continental Twister Plus

    Metro Continental is one of the world's most celebrated radial makers, and here is another fine product from the company. The Twister Plus is a tyre that ensures the best of all benefits. It improves performance with an excellent control, smooth handling and high grade traction to suit all surfaces. Braking is improved, so that cornering is made easy and smooth. Wet performance is delivered, with grooves that are functional on slippery surfaces. Fuel economy is also touched as a benefit of the radial. Comfort and peace are also assured. Altogether, this is another stunning design from an acclaimed company.

    By michael tariang
    On: 2015-03-10 04:24:56


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