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MRF SUPER LUG-707 Price List

Tyre SizeTypePrice
MRF SUPER LUG-707 10.00-20
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MRF SUPER LUG-707 8.25-20
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MRF SUPER LUG-707 Features


MRF SUPER LUG-707 is a tube type truck tyre that offers excellent mileage and retreadability. It comes with cooler casing and cooler compound that helps in cooler running. This tyre is available in 2 sizes.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Cooler running
  • Better retreadability
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MRF SUPER LUG-707 Warranty

What is covered and for how long?

  • There is no guarantee for any cuts on the tyre after driving.
  • The Warranty of the tyre is against the bulging of the tyre.
  •  The tyre would be sent to the company if there is any defect in the tyre.
  •  And it  would take 7-10 days for the engineers to take a decision.
  •  The  Warranty of the tube stands void if the tyre/tube gets punctured.
  •  It is necessary to have the bill of the tyre/tube to claim the warranty.
  •  There is no warranty against the leakage of the rim.
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Frequently Asked Questions on MRF SUPER LUG-707

Is MRF SUPER LUG-707 good for Indian roads?

Yes,MRF SUPER LUG-707 is a good tyre for Indian roads. It is available in the following sizes MRF SUPER LUG-707 10.00-20 and MRF SUPER LUG-707 8.25-20. However, we would suggest you choose tyre on the basis of driving conditions and behavior.

What is the required tyre air pressure for MRF SUPER LUG-707?

The required Tyre Pressure for MRF SUPER LUG-707 front and rear tyre depends upon the vehicle. To know the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle Click here

Can I use MRF SUPER LUG-707 Tyre for off-road touring?

Not all tyres are good for off-roading. These tyres use deep tread to provide more traction on unpaved surfaces such as loose dirt, mud, sand, or gravel. If you don't spend a lot of time driving in the mud, you might do better with all-terrain tyres for your daily commute. All-terrain tyres are used for traction on all kinds of surfaces, including on and off-road.

Is MRF SUPER LUG-707 tyre available on emi?

Yes, you can avail emi option on MRF SUPER LUG-707.

Is MRF SUPER LUG-707 compatible with Truck?

MRF SUPER LUG-707 is available in 20 inches tyre size and are compatible with various Truck models.

Truck Using MRF SUPER LUG-707 Tyres

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Recently Asked User Questions About MRF Tyre

  • mithun sarkar asked 19-Jun-2024 14:51:53
    Can I use 140/60 -17 rear tyre for hunter 350?
    Royal Enfield Hunter is originally equipped with 140/70-17 tyre size. Going for marginally smaller sidewall may not affect its performance, but still if it’s possible always pick original, company fitted tyre size for your bike.
    Answered 24-Jun-2024 16:12:57
  • rafaqat ali asked 31-Dec-2021 19:53:14
    1 want two mrf big grip tyres for bolero pickup 1.7
    You can pick MRF Steel Master LT (SMR170). It is one of the most durable tyres for Bolero Pickup.
    Answered 04-Jan-2022 13:34:39
  • milind ashtaputre: sagar ambure asked 29-Dec-2021 11:17:28
    MEANING OF 8.25R20 S1M4 PLUS R16
    Slight correction in your mentioned tyre size, its 8.25R20 S1M4 PLUS "16PR" and not 8.25R20 S1M4 PLUS "R16". This is the tyre size used in the trucks, buses, trailors or any other commercial carrier. Usually, MRF Steel Muscle tyre is a most popular tyre in this tyre size category 8.25R20 S1M4 PLUS 16PR. Here 8.25R20 is the width(in inches), radial construction and rim diameter, while S1M4 PLUS is the model name and 16PR comes as ply rating (PR) and number of plies used (16) in the construction of the tyre tread part.
    Answered 03-Jan-2022 14:52:31
  • aman singh asked 03-Dec-2021 17:05:05
    what is the price of s3h8 tyres for trucks overload
    The price for the S3H8 truck overload tyres falls between Rs 24,000-25,000 approximately.
    Answered 07-Dec-2021 17:15:24

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