MRF ZAPPER (Scooter) tyre

MRF ZAPPER (Scooter)

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    Amarnath Prasadvia Google

    What is the difference between HONDA AVIATOR REAR TYRE 90/100-10 53J and 3.50-10 51J both MRF make. mrf

    Hi Amarnath,

    3.5 -10 is equivalent to modern-day 110/80 -10 size. As you can see, this is different than the stock tyre size of your Honda Aviator, which is running on 90/100-10. Please do not go for 3.50 size tyres and make sure you stick to 90/100 size. You can go for MRF Zapper (Scooter) tyre if you ride over well-paved surfaces and highways. If you ride over rough or un-paved roads then go for CEAT Gripp Scooter tyre. 



    Yogesh Khanapurvia Google

    Which tyre is best for yamaha fascino scooter? As I ride for about 100kms per day.

    Hi Yogesh,

    If majority of your rides are over highways/ well-paved roads then you should go for MRF Zapper ( Scooter) tyre. It offers good wet and dry grip with long tread life.

    In case you use your vehicles over rough surfaces or muddy terrains then go for CEAT Gripp ( Scooter) tyre. The large lug sizes ensure confident grip over rough terrains.


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