2019 Italian Grand Prix – Tyres Selected By Teams

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Round 14 of the season takes the teams and drivers to the ‘Temple of Speed’ Monza Circuit. So, what tyres have been chosen for the Italian Grand Prix? Pirelli reveals all…


2019 Italian Grand Prix – Tyres Selected By Teams

Monza is all set to host the 14th race of the 2019 Formula 1 World Championship on Sunday 8 September. This will be the circuit’s 69th world championship race, which is impressive considering that this is ‘only’ the 70th season of Formula 1. Even the Silverstone and Monaco have not been able to maintain the streak on the calendar. But Monza- built almost a century ago in 1922- has always been there. And since then the circuit has been an enduring symbol of absolute speed.

It will be a homecoming for both the Ferrari and Pirelli at the Monza, a track that puts varying demand on the rubber. For the Italian Grand Prix Pirelli’s selection includes the C2 as the white hard tyre, the C3 as the medium yellow tyre, and the C4 as the red soft tyre: the most common combination seen this year.

2019 Italian Grand Prix – Tyres Selected By Teams

Teams run the lowest downforce possible at Monza, to maximise top speed on the long straights, which means that the tyres must provide maximum mechanical grip through the corners.

“Monza is still a huge challenge for the drivers, cars and tyres: a bit like Spa, who took place last weekend. Unlike last year though, we don’t have the same tyre nomination for both the races. While Spa featured harder tyres compared to 208, at Monza the softest choice is slightly softer than last year.” says Head of Pirelli F1 Mario Isola.

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