5 Recommended Tyres For TVS Jupiter

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5 Recommended Tyres For TVS Jupiter

TVS is one of the best two-wheeler manufacturers in India, and it launched Jupiter in 2013. It is the first scooter to achieve Viewer’s Choice 2-Wheeler of the Year Award. Even if the design is not that sleek, but it’s pretty appealing to the Indian buyers. Moreover, it is the only scooter in the segment that offers 13 paint options. It comes equipped with a plethora of features such as mobile charging point, high beam flasher, external fuel-filler cap, a reserve indicator and more, which makes it a very practical scooter. In terms of performance, the engine is very punchy and returns a very good fuel economy when driven sensibly. The wheel size of Jupiter is 12 inches and wears a tyre of size 90/90 – R 12.

Here are the top five recommended tyres for your TVS Jupiter:

Brand and model Warranty Approx price (in Rs.)
TVS Conta 550 5 years 1,135
Apollo ACTIZIP S2 5 years 1,670
CEAT SECURA NEO 5 years 1,100
JK Blaze BA21 6 years 1,100
Ralco Blaster-S 3 years 1,100

NOTE:  Actual price may differ.

TVS Conta 550: TVS is one of the most popular tyre makers in India and is known for providing reliable products. Conta 550 is manufactured explicitly for scooters and perfectly fits as rear and front wheel. The innovative tread pattern helps to disperse the water and offer exceptional wet grip. With this tyre installed on your scooter, you can expect excellent stability on corners as well as straight roads. In addition to that, this tyre comes with robust shoulders and sidewalls that increase the tyre life and prevents the tyre from getting punctured easily. It carries a very attractive price tag, which makes it worth every penny spent on it.

TVS Conta 550

Apollo ACTIZIP S2: Apollo ACTIZIP S2 are directional tubeless tyre designed for scooters that comes with continuos centre groove for improved directional stability. The tread pattern helps the tyre to provide superior grip and precise handling — the curvy grooves aids in enhancing the wet grip and control over the wheels in every riding condition. For better braking and stability, it features anchored grooves. The manufacturer offers a great warranty for five years, which makes it worth considering. Moreover, it can be installed as both front and rear tyre.


CEAT SECURA NEO: A scooter assists in serving various purposes, and if you expect an amazing control and stability from it then you should install Ceat Secura Neo tyres in your scooter. It provides your scooter with excellent traction and accurate cornering control. You can consider Secura Neo to enjoy an enhanced performance at an affordable price. It comes with a directional block pattern that aids for optimum grip and control at every riding condition. The large solid block ensures that the tyres stick to the ground all the time. In addition to that, this tyre features lateral sipes and grooves that make water channelling very efficient and results in a confident wet grip.


JK Blaze BA21: JK Blaze BA21 is specially designed for scooters and features unique tyre pattern for superior wet and dry traction. The Zig-Zag central groove aids in enhancing the handling and stability on corners as well as on straight roads. Moreover, it comes with directional sipes to improve the braking in low friction roads. JK Blaze BA21 is made out of a superior tread rubber that helps the tyre to offer extended tread life and less prone to punctures. The tread pattern is optimised to improve the fuel economy.

JK Blaze BA21

Ralco Blaster-S: Ralco Blaster-S comes with strong carcass construction that aids in improving handling and control in low friction surfaces. The unique tread pattern enhances the wet and dry traction of the tyre. In addition to that, it flaunts Cool Compound Technology that extends the tread life of the tyre and safety of the rider. It is made out of a special compound that improves the wet and dry braking.


TVS Jupiter has been a popular choice among Indian consumers for its practicality and performance. To get the best performance out of your Jupiter, you need a good set of tyres. For that, you can take the reference from the tyres mentioned above.

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