5 Recommended Tyres For Wagon R

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Wagon R

After eight years of legacy, Maruti Suzuki WagonR has entered its new generation with a plethora of updates. It is one of the most popular family cars in India. The fresh WagonR features a unique design that looks more stylish and bolder. This car has been sitting among the prime choices for consumers in search of a practical and useful hatchback for over two decades. WagonR has evolved according to the market trends, customer preferences and emission norms. Maruti still aims to provide practicality in the third generation WagonR with the huge boot space and roomy cabin.  Moreover, it now comes equipped with a more robust engine, which now makes driving this car more fun. Talking about the wheels, it gets 14-inch wheels covered with 155/ 65 R 14 tyres on both the rear as well as the front. Here are the top five recommended tyres for Maruti Suzuki WagonR:

Brand and model Warranty Approx Price (in Rs.)
Bridgestone TURANZA AR20  6 years 3,915
JK Ultima Neo  5 years 3,865
Goodyear DUCARO HI-MILER  5 years 3,540
MRF ZCC  5 years 3,357
Hankook OPTIMO K715  5 years 2,989

Note: Actual price may differ.

Bridgestone TURANZA AR20: Bridgestone tyres are well-known for manufacturing high-quality tyres for mid-segment cars. It is one of the most esteemed tyre manufacturers in the Indian passenger car industry and offers a broad range of tyres. Bridgestone Turanza AR20 is an excellent performer as it offers top-notch braking and handling both in dry and wet surfaces. The water dispersion is swiftly carried out via the lighting groove pattern, and this, in return, aids the tyre in offering great wet traction. This tyre also achieves high marks in terms of quiet driving as the noise level is very low. It is sketched to decrease the rolling resistance of the car, which results in more solid traction, thereby decreasing fuel consumption.

Bridgestone TURANZA AR20

JK Ultima Neo: It is an ultimate offering from one of the leading tyre manufacturer, JK tyre. It is aimed at the entry-level hatchback segment and is focused on improving the fuel economy of the car. It comes with an advanced tread pattern that helps in saving a great amount of fuel, while the innovative compound reduces the wear rate. JK Ultima Neo is mostly suited for city use and exceptional highway drives. The central rib aids in confident handling at high speeds. Moreover, it features a shark-winglet shoulder design that improves the steering manoeuvrability. The ride quality is further improved by the variable groove edges. This tyre gets a wide contact patch that helps in offering sturdy dry and wet grip. It provides a low rolling resistance that improves the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

JK Ultima Neo

Goodyear DUCARO HI-MILER: Goodyear tyre is built for the high productive performance of the mid-size hatchback cars. The wider contact area and deep grooves produce peak grip levels on the road. It comes with Hi-Miler tyre compound that aids in providing extended tread life. The tyres offer optimal traction in both wet and dry conditions. The tyres feature carbon loaded compounds that make the tyre more durable. The lightweight yet tough tyre compound also improves the overall fuel efficiency and tyre life.


MRF ZCC: MRF is one of the most popular tyre makers, and it offers a variety of tyres for all segment. MRF ZCC is mainly focused on mid-size hatchbacks. It comes with a unique tyre compound that helps in providing excellent traction. The bold block design of the tyre not only enhances the look of the car but also provides exceptional cornering capabilities. In addition to that, the lower tyre weight aids in improving the fuel economy of the car.


Hankook OPTIMO K715: Hankook OPTIMO K715 is ideal for city driving and occasional highway trips. It comes with jointless cap ply that not only improves the durability of the tyre but also aids in offering a smooth ride. The robust shoulder blocks enhance the stability of the car, and the innovative tread pattern helps in offering exceptional grip in wet and dry surfaces.

Hankook OPTIMO K715

WagonR is a very practical car and offers great performance, and if you are looking for new sets of the tyre to enhance the fuel economy and performance of your vehicle, then you can take the reference of the tyres mentioned above.

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