5 Recommended Tyres For Your Bajaj Pulsar 150

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Bajaj Pulsar 150

Bajaj’s Pulsar range is among the most popular 150cc commuter series of bikes from the two-wheeler manufacturer, which is still running powerfully in terms of sales. It is one of the variants in the series which is a leading choice in the 150cc commuter segment.  Factors like sporty design, ample power, lucrative pricing and impressive fuel economy attribute to the victory of the Bajaj Pulsar 150.

The power comes from the 149cc, air-cooled, four-stroke engine and suspension duties are managed by nitrox shock absorbers at the rear end and telescopic forks in front. It comes equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels, and the size of the front and rear tubeless tyres are 80/100 17 and 100/90 – 17 respectively.

Here are the top five recommended tyres for your Bajaj Pulsar 150:

Tyre name Approximate price ( in Rs) Warranty
MRF Zapper Q 1,775 5 years
Michelin PILOT SPORTY 2,596 5 years
CEAT ZOOM XL 1,700 5 years
Birla FIREMAXX R51 2,999 4 years
Pirelli SPORT DEMON 5,500 4 years

Note: Actual price may differ

MRF Zapper Q: MRF Zapper Q delivers enhancements in the performance of the tyre. It takes the comfort of the ride to a whole new level and provides a boost to the mileage as well. It is made out of the sticky compound for better grip on the road. It gets higher contact region that gives exceptional stability by making more solid contact with the road and also improves the fuel economy of the vehicle. The enhanced groove distribution aids in better water channelling and provides a comfortable ride. With the help of this tyre, you can get better control over the wheels and enhance the overall performance.

MRF Zapper Q

Michelin PILOT SPORTY: Michelin two-wheeler tyres in India highlight best of Michelin’s cutting edge technology. This tyre is designed, produced and marketed to confront the hurdles of mobility in the country. It gets a semi-slick tread pattern that ensures superior stability, dry grip and efficiency in braking. The well-designed tread pattern guarantees shorter tread rubber shuffling thus produces excellent tyre mileage. It comes with wider grooves that help in better water evacuation for improved wet grip. It flaunts flexible shoulder-wall for more reliable shock absorption and improved resistance against abnormalities. The balanced compound structure provides durability and longevity.



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CEAT ZOOM XL: The series includes a squadron of impressive motorcycle tyres. Giving better mileage and exceptional traction on wet and dry surfaces for a stable two-wheeler drive across the roads. Moreover, CEAT Zoom XL features better cornering with superior manoeuvrability and grip for more vroom. The lightning-shaped tread pattern gives high-grade wet grip and braking. It comes with a wide contact patch area that provides trustworthy high-speed handling. It is made out of the optimised compound for enhanced durability.


Birla FIREMAXX R51: Birla FIREMAXX R51 comes with a sturdy tyre structure for enhanced handling and high-speed stability. It is made out of a special compound that prevents the tyre from getting punctured easily. Moreover, it improves the manoeuvrability and provides a comfortable ride. This tyre offers superior grip while cornering and also helps the bike to return excellent fuel economy. The advanced tread pattern aids the tyre to provide exceptional wet and dry grip.


 Pirelli SPORT DEMON: Pirelli Sport Demon provides consistent performance in every riding condition, thanks to the multi-radius rear profile. The new compound presents a powerful grip on wet and dry surfaces with superior mileage. It gets multiple radius profile that enables you to change direction swiftly and steer easily. The highly resistant nylon carcass helps the tyre to provide a comfortable ride. Moreover, the tread compound comes with reinforcing elements that help the tyre to deliver excellent mileage. Overall it is a safe and secure tyre for all riding situations, including a great cost/quality ratio.


The tyres mentioned above are the top five tyres that you can purchase for your Bajaj Pulsar 150 according to the budget you have and the features you require. The cheapest tyre that you can get for your Pulsar 150 is Metro CONTI METRO POLIS (Rs 1,000), and the most expensive tyre for Pulsar 150 is Pirelli SPORT DEMON (Rs 5,500).

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