5 Recommended Tyres For Your Honda Activa 5G

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Honda Activa is the Japanese brand’s top-selling product in the nation by far. It single-handedly restored the automatic scooter segment in India. One of the main reasons for its legacy can be credited to its versatile nature along with the smooth, reliable and economic engine. No wonder it is India’s beloved family scooter. Even though the stock tyres are capable enough to tackle the Indian roads. Here are some of the recommended tyres for Honda Activa 5G:

MRF ZAPPER: This set of radial tyres flaunts a sophisticated tread compound that provides accurate steering response besides lessening fuel consumption. Talking about the size, 90 is the width of the cross-section of the tyre, the construction is R, it stands for radial-ply construction, 100 is the aspect ratio ( it is the proportion of the sidewall height to the cross-section width) and 10 inches of diameter. These tyres come with a sticky compound that assures excellent handling even at high speeds and also ensures safety while taking turns. In addition to that, it features lateral grooves that scatter water from under the tyre, which prevents the tyres from skidding on wet roads.

CEAT Gripp: CEAT Gripp tyre grants excellent traction on well-paved roads as well as rough roads. The tread pattern contains angular and directional blocks, which contribute a biting edge for refined braking. It comes with 90mm of cross-section tyres, radial-ply construction, 10 inches of diameter and aspect ratio of 100. The directional and angular block patterns guarantee confident high-speed handling. It comes with more profound and broader shoulder grooves, which provides confidence while braking on wet roads. Moreover, the tread pattern has been optimized to grant excellent dry traction. The brand also offers five years of warranty.

TVS Pancer-II: TVS Pancer tyre is engineered to provide enhanced handling and stability at high speeds. The directional tread pattern minimises rolling resistance, which allows for swift acceleration. It features 90mm of a cross-section, aspect ratio of 100, radial-ply construction, J speed rating (the maximum speed for the tyre will be 100kmph with the complete load) and 10 inches of diameter. This tyre flaunts five years of warranty and block type tread pattern, which provides a positive grip over uneven surfaces. The angular sipes and circumferential grooves produce excellent grip over wet surfaces.

JK Blaze BA21: JK Blaze BA21 tyre is mainly designed for scooters and gets equipped with an innovative tread pattern, which renders for adequate wet and dry grip. The zig-zag central groove produces enhanced handling and stability. It also comes with directional sipes that help to provide for efficient wet grip. To improve tread life, it features a superior tread rubber and the optimized tread pattern aids to improve the fuel economy. Talking about the size, it comes in 90/100 R10, and the brand offers six years of warranty.

Continental Conti Gripp: Continental Conti Gripp is engineered to provide a high degree of comfort to the rider. The fresh tread pattern helps to transfer maximum water and provide excellent grip on all kind of surfaces. Thanks to the tyre profile, it offers imposing handling qualities.

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