5 Recommended Tyres For Your Honda Shine

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Honda CB Shine

Honda CB Shine has been the top-selling 125cc motorcycle in the Indian two-wheeler market. It competes in the hotly contested commuter segment and has been Honda’s flag bearer when it comes to a two-wheeler with gear sales. Honda CB Shine comes outfitted with a no-nonsense design and a robust build quality. The bike is offered as a reliable and robust commuter from Honda and highlights a trapezoidal headlamp unit that now features the compulsory AHO (Auto Headlamp ON) feature. The rear look is made a little sporty with the uplifted rear fender and sleek tail lamp unit. Moreover, it comes integrated with HET low rolling resistance tyres that provide efficient fuel-saving and enables the bike to return a mileage of 65 kmpl (Claimed as per ARAI Data). If your stock tyres are entirely used and you are in search of an excellent set of tyres, here are the top five recommended tyres for your Honda Shine:

Tyre name Approximate price (in Rs) Warranty
CEAT SECURA ZOOM F 1370 5 years
MRF Zapper FQ 1325 5 years
Michelin CITY PRO 2065 5 years
Ralco Blaster Pro 1350 3 years
Metro Conti Go 1800 3 years

Note: Actual price may differ

CEAT SECURA ZOOM F: CEAT plays a vital role in the Indian tyre market and is a key supplier of tyres for nearly all the vehicle segments. CEAT Secura Zoom F is selling like hot cakes in the domestic tyre industry due to its outstanding features and fitment possibilities in more than 30 popular Indian bikes. The performance of this tyre is powerful, and it features exceptional handling and braking qualities. CEAT’s unique tyre construction technology has made this tyre effective enough to run with full control on wet or low friction surfaces. The overall ride quality with these tyres equipped on wheels is reasonably comfortable.


MRF Zapper FQ: MRF Zapper FQ is a set of radial tyres that have been built to suit bikes of all category and specialises in the rear tyre segment. It is accessible in size ranging from 17 to 18 inches and has been sketched with added speed benefits and enhanced vehicle performance. This tyre is made of rigid compounds, which help it to run exceptionally well by keeping the bike secure and steady. Also, the strong casing is exceptionally resistant to wear and tear, and also guarantee a high level of safety. It comes equipped with excellent tread design to offer optimum performance.

MRF Bike Tyre

Michelin CITY PRO: With sturdy tyre construction, MICHELIN City Pro is an exceptional two-wheeler tyre that is best suited for the daily commute. It is the most advanced generation of Michelin motorcycle tyres, specially sketched for intensive urban use, and it can quickly deal with multiple impacts and stresses. The combination of three reinforced plies, MICHELIN overlap technology and a layer of rubber reduces the chance of punctures. The new tread pattern helps the tyre to deliver enhanced wet grip.

Michelin Bike Tyre

Ralco Blaster Pro: Ralco uses a cutting edge technology while making tyres that give excellent wet and dry grip along with extended tread life and increased safety. The firm has a high-level Research and Development facility approved by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India where they design innovative tread patterns and rubber compounds. Ralco Blaster Pro comes equipped with a special rubber compound that helps the tyres to deliver efficient braking performance. While the sturdy carcass construction improves handling and control, cool compound technology enhances safety and tyre life.

Ralco Bike Tyres

Metro Conti Go: Metro Conti Go has a high capacity to filter through traffic, with excellent traction and stability. It comes with a rigid rubber structure that includes a blend of robust compounds that makes the tyres durable. This tyre features carcass construction that improves high-speed stability. Moreover, it provides excellent handling and braking, thus resulting in a comfortable and safe ride. For excellent all-round performance, it gets a new developed cross-ply tyre. The innovative tyre design allows decent water displacement, which increases the wet grip.

Metro Bike Tyres

If you are planning to upgrade your tyres, then you can take the reference of the tyre mentioned above. All of them offer exceptional performance, grip and tyre life at a very reasonable price tag. If you are not satisfied with them then you can choose from CEAT MILAZE, MRF Masseter-FX or Maxxis M6302.

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