5 Recommended Tyres For Your Hyundai Creta

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hyundai Creta

Hyundai Creta, a famous name in the SUV segment, is appreciated for its unique styling highlights and plenty of features. The Creta SUV is accessible in six trims – E, E+, S, SX, SX(O) and SX(O) Executive. The car is a well-liked choice as a family car as it grants a relaxing drive, planted straight-line stability, courtesy excellent visibility and feedback-rich brakes. Hyundai has inaugurated the mid-life facelift model of the Creta. This car has always been a powerful package mechanically, so its powertrain choices remain as it is. There are design changes to refresh things up along with added features. It is still one of the best compact SUVs for the city, highway, and rough roads. To deal with such roads, it should have good tyres. The stock tyres are satisfactory, but if you want better performance, stability and fuel economy, you can choose any tyre from the list given below.

Tyre name Approximate price Warranty
Pirelli SCORPION VERDE 16,723 4 years
Bridgestone DUELER D687 14,742 6 years
Goodyear Assurance TripleMax 14,400 5 years
Falken ZIEX ZE912 9,880 5 years
CEAT CZAR HP 7,285 5 years

NOTE: Actual price may differ.

Pirelli SCORPION VERDE: It is an SUV tyre that takes complete advantage of the numerous modern resources and treads’ patterns to ensure savings, comfort, respect to the environment, and safety on every road surfaces. The traction and lateral stability on wet guarantee all season performances. It features the M+S marking stamped on the sidewall. It is committed to high-end SUVs, specifically built to fit flawlessly with the modern vehicles. It flaunts a technology that reduces the noise inside the car with the help of a sound-absorbing device installed to the inside circumferential wall of the tyre, decreasing noise significantly.

Scorpion Verde

Bridgestone DUELER D687: This tyre is designed to provide excellent highway and city use. It gets a continuous nylon wrap that produces a higher level of uniformity, supporting the tyre to hold its shape & enhance the performance. These tyres prevent the growth of harmonic noise patterns from decreasing tread pattern noise. While the lighting groove tread pattern highlights an aggressive look and also provides improved water drainage and grip on wet roads. In addition to that, it is designed to develop wear resistance, granting a longer tyre life. The tyre is built to decrease rolling resistance for enhanced fuel efficiency. Dueler features an excellent braking capacity to increase safety.

Dueler D687

Goodyear Assurance TripleMax: It is an original equipment tubeless tyre that has been crafted to offer superior braking ability & enhanced fuel efficiency. It is a practical tyre for unpredictable Indian driving conditions where access to exceptional braking can make a difference. Power braking in low friction road conditions is an advantage that sets this tyre apart. It gets biting edges with big block elements that provide an increased contact area for added security when braking. It is made out of an innovative polymer tread compound with refined molecular bonding that brings traction to a whole new level.


Falken ZIEX ZE912: ZIEX originates from the German word ‘Ziel’ or ‘goal’, and the letter X stands for the continuous development of tyre range. It comes with an innovative concept for a fresh generation of sporty tyres. It gets an asymmetrical tread design of the tyre shoulders along with the quad longitudinal grooves that assure supreme road grip. These tyres come with improved water uptake, dispersion, strong braking and handling in wet conditions. The stiff tread blocks improve directional stability and put on sportiness to cornering. To optimize the handling and driving comfort, ZIEX features small horizontal grooves and sipes.


CEAT CZAR HP: It is a high-performance tyre which exceeds in delivering the potential of your SUV on to the roads. It offers excellent handling and extremely comfortable ride quality. Czar HP satisfies your need for speed with low tread noise even at complete acceleration and also guarantees superior control over various road conditions. It is made out of a highly functionalized polymer that aids in improving the fuel economy. Moreover, it gets large and robust shoulder blocks for confident high-speed handling.


If you want to get rid of the stock tyres and want to add performance in your Creta with aftermarket tyres, you can pick from the tyres mentioned above. All of them offer exceptional performance and traction.

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