5 Recommended Tyres For Your Toyota Fortuner

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Tyres For Your Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner is undoubtedly one of the most popular and attractive SUVs in India. Built on a prominence for unquestionable reliability, Fortuner has witnessed its prices climb significantly over the years, but that hasn’t prevented customers from coughing up the money. In its latest generation, it is available with petrol and diesel engines. The SUV comes mated to a manual or automatic transmission and is capable of 4×4 system as well.

In the real world, it is a luxury SUV that undertakes a bulk of city commutes and occasional highway trips. The stock tyres perform decently well on the road. However, when it comes to driving off-road, Fortuner would have done better with mud-terrain tyres. It comes equipped with 265/65 R17 radial tubeless tyres, just like any other car in this segment.

If you are not satisfied with the stock tyres, here are some recommended tyres for your Toyota Fortuner:


Travel beyond where the road terminates with the all-new GEOLANDAR A/T-S. This all-terrain tyre has been masterminded to provide you ultimate traction across conditions, whether leaving the pavement behind or rolling down the highway. It is designed for those who want tyres that combine a bold on-road aptitude with a capable off-road attitude. It is built to deliver excellent tyre life and utilizes a silica-enhanced tread compound formed into a symmetric design. Twin interlocking pyramid sipes and multi-stepped grooves maintain block rigidity to improve wear. The internal structure comprises of double steel belts strengthened by spirally looped nylon on top of polyester body plies.



It comes with an advanced compound, which is tilted towards a softer side. A soft compound gives the tyre excellent grip on tarmac and is very pleasing on off-road as well. A softer tread compound enables the tread to compress and expand on the waves of a tarmac, thereby improving the effectiveness of the contact patch. The arched grooves on the Scorpion ATR ease water expulsion, which helps the tyres to provide reassuring wet grip. It gets an interlocked independent tread-lock pattern that cuts down tyre noise and helps in directional stability.


Bridgestone DUELER H/L 683 

It is an all-season tyre that gives the advanced highway luxury and excellent off-road performance. These tyres are engineered to bring the features a luxurious and comfortable SUV. In addition to that, it offers high-speed stability, excellent handling on dry and wet roads, manoeuvrability and long wear life. This tyre comes equipped with Bridgestone’s UNI-T AQ technology that adds an extra layer of tread. This feature makes the tyre durable and offers a smooth ride quality.



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Michelin LTX Force

From city commutes to off-road journey, Michelin LTX Force handles it all. It comes with cushion guard, which is a layer of special filtering rubber that minimize shocks from the road. To offer a peaceful and comfortable ride, it gets rounded sloping edge that cuts the heights of noise power at the frequency. It is made out of a rubber compound, which is derived from WRC competition tyre that provides added wear resistance in off-road usage. The open shoulder design produces large biting surfaces, which enhances traction and strength.



Hankook DYNAPRO HL is a premium SUV tyre, which is built to produce decent handling and grip on all road conditions. It features exceptional water evacuation capacity, which makes it hassle-free to drive on wet roads. These tyres come equipped with multi-step grooves that improve stone ejection and penetration to provide a safe ride. The strong shoulder helps the tyre to deliver exceptional cornering abilities and manoeuvrability. The central rib ensures that you get precise steering feedback and superior handling. The tread pattern is designed to produce noise-free drive.


If you own a Toyota Fortuner and want to take it for an off-road rally, then you can upgrade your stock tyres to any of the tyres mentioned above. All of the tyres mentioned above offer great off-road performance at a very reasonable price point. You can check the details regarding price and warranty from the table given below.

Tyre brand Model name Approx. Price Warranty
Yokohama GEOLANDAR A/T-S 15,140 5 years
Pirelli SCORPION ATR 10,222 4 Years
Bridgestone DUELER H/L 683 13,885 6 Years
Michelin LTX Force 13,865 5 Years
Hankook DYNAPRO HL 12,193 5 Years

 NOTE: Actual price may differ.

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