5 Useful Tips On How To Choose The Right Commercial Truck Tyres

Published On 12-May-2021By TyreDekho Team

There are many aspects involved when you zero upon a truck tyre. We unleash them in this article.  

5 Useful Tips On How To Choose The Right Commercial Truck Tyres

Sometimes one of the most critical things in a machine is often taken for granted. In commercial trucking operations, choosing the right tyres can not only save you money but also won’t let you compromise on the performance front.

Here we are briefing some of the valuable tips you must keep in mind before purchasing commercial truck tyres:

Application – Choose the right tyre for your purpose

Before you start looking out for tyres in the market, you must be sure enough on what terrain the truck would be driven the maximum? Is the application on just city streets, both on the city and off-roads or exclusively on off-roads? Check the specific tread design, different sidewalls and rubber compound for urban and off-road settings.

All-season tyres are good for street driving, while off-road or mud tyres will be fine for uneven and gravelly surfaces. In off-road tyres, firm sidewalls and knobby tread pattern enhance driving on rocky and muddy surfaces without damage. For those who will be spending maximum times on streets and seldom on off-roads, then all-terrain tyres would be the best.

Tread Design – Selecting the Best

There are two main types of tread design, rib design which is also known as closed design, and the other is lug or traction design. Rib design comprises zigzag or straight grooves, which is generally used on steer and trailer positions. These tyres are ideal for wet surfaces and in pickup and delivery applications where there is a lot of turning and manoeuvring. These tyres also come with low rolling resistance which means high fuel efficiency and best for linehaul or trailer service applications.

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Lug or traction tread design consists of blocks and grooves which enhance traction and aggression to the tyre. These tyres are ideal for vocational fleet operations. Traction tread tyre pattern come in wide and open shoulder ribs where the former provides longer tread life in linehaul applications, the latter is perfect for rainy and snowy surfaces.

Load Capacity – Don’t Overlook

Commercial trucks carry a lot of weight and the tyres would certainly be under heavy strain. So, while picking up the commercial tyre, make sure you take a look at the load capacity of your vehicle. Ask the dealer about the load capacity as well as the maximum performance they can deliver under different conditions. The right tyre would guarantee safe and smooth driving.

Retread – The Right Choice Sometimes

In some cases where your current set of tyres shows minor signs of wear and the overall casing is in decent shape, you might want to go for a retread. Most modern tyres come with retreading option which can save you a lot of money.

Retreading will restore the structural integrity of the tyre and it is perfectly safe and effective if done by professionals.

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Tread Warranty – Get Covered Against Defects

Always buy the tyres having good coverage against imperfections and defects. Generally, most tyres will come with a warranty but do specifically look for a treadwear warranty. Most major tyre manufacturing brands give at least 3 years of warranty and multiple retreads. However, many truck tyres crafted for off-roading don’t usually offer a tread warranty at all.

Truck tyres are created for a variety of applications. After you make up your mind for the best tyre brand and specs, try a bit of search online for additional info and user reviews to be on the safe side of the purchase.

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