6 Most Unconventional Tires of this Century

Published On 24-Jul-2019By TyreDekho Team

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Science and technology have enhanced a lot in the 21st century. The tires of this generation are advanced and innovative. They have impressive and unique features. One can not even imagine that a tire could feature such a bizarre design and function. The modern technology has leveled up the tire game quite interestingly. They have invented tires with some distinctive features. Here are some of the most innovative and unique tires of the era.

Goodyear’s self-charging tire

Goodyear had announced a new concept of the tire in 2015 Geneva International Show. The concept was quite unique. They were making heat- gathering, and electricity generating tire. The tire will capture heat and transform it into electricity by the help of friction while rolling. The tire has a unique design. It is made up of thermo- piezoelectric material that helps it to generate electricity by the heat it produces. A unique and eco-friendly concept by Goodyear.

Michelin’s tire that doesn’t get flat

The concept of Michelin tire is not an invented idea. This idea already existed long back. Michelin is working on a tire that doesn’t go flat. It is called the Uptis ( Unique Puncture Proof Tire system). The tire contains no air to stay rigid. The system of flexible spokes of supports the tire. According to Tweel’s marketing material, These spokes don’t replace the necessity of air but they work like shock absorbers. The tires ensure smooth ride instead of a

bumpy ride.

Goodyear’s “plant-like” tire

The ‘Oxygene’ is one of the most innovative concepts to date. The technology behind the tire is the mechanism of Photosynthesis. The tire contains living moss on the sidewalls. The moss helps in converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. This is an eco-friendly tire. The concept of conversion of carbon dioxide into oxygen will help the city dwellers. The quality of life will enhance with ‘Oxygene’.

Michelin's Coral-like, bio-sourced tire

The Michelin’s coral-like tire looks less like a tire and more like a sponge. This tire is environment-friendly. The structure of this tire is of coral shaped, that makes it deflatable. The tire has some unique features. Its eco-friendly aspect is the most alluring one of all. This tire looks more spongy and corally.

NASA’s “extraterrestrial-friendly” tire

This ‘extraterrestrial-friendly’ tire comes up with shape memory alloy that can bear heavy load and heat. It can bear excessive deformation without permanent damage. This super-elastic tire is tough enough to get rolled in the stony terrain of mars. It can break the stone under it in no seconds.

Goodyear’s spherical tire

Goodyear is working on spherical rubber tires. They can move in any direction and is good for self-driven cars. The advantage of the spherical tire is that they have more surface area than cylindrical tires. This tire is extremely smart. It not only move your vehicle but also senses, decides and interacts. The treads of the spherical tire even won't wear out quickly. It is a smart and budget cordial tire by Goodyear.

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