A Few Tips For Proper Maintenance of Tyres

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Tyres are an integral part of a vehicle and ensure better handling, riding comfort and vehicle’s overall performance. This is the only component, which comes in contact between the road and a car. So, these tend to wear out with time and gradually, they have to be replaced with the new ones. In order to increase its lifespan and performance, it is essential to take proper care of tyres. There are quite a lot of methods that can actually help in prolonging its life and save you some money.

Proper Tyre Maintenance


There are several ways that will aid in increasing the life of a tyre. Some of the tips are as follows:

  • Storing the tyre properly will prevent early aging of tyres.
  • Good treads can aid in avoiding the risk of hydroplaning.
  • Tread wear indicators help in detecting the damage and fix it in an early stage.
  • Daily checks are mandatory to find out if there are any damages caused to the tyre.

Methods of Tyre Maintenance:

The following are some significant methods, which you can follow for good maintenance of tyres.

1) Tyre Balancing:

It is a procedure where the weight of the tyre and wheel are the same around the axle. Any small difference in weight can lead to various problems. In many situations, even tiny weights are also used in order to counter balance it. Imbalance of tyres will cause an uneven wear and vibrations besides putting a lot of stress on wheel bearings and suspension system. In order to balance a wheel or a tyre, an experienced technician usually makes use of a balancing machine to find out if any weight difference exists. This machine functions by automatically measuring and calculating the imbalance. The owners have to get this process done regularly as the wheels go out of balance over time.

2) Wheel Alignment:

Wheel alignment is one important method that prevents an irregular tyre wear and improves handling on roads. In this method, the wheels are set parallel to each other and perpendicular to the road as well. It also requires checking the angle and direction against the specifications of the automaker. This whole thing is normally described using the terms like toe in, out, positive and negative camber. This procedure has a lot of benefits like:

  • It improves mileage and saves fuel.
  • Helps in maintaining vehicle’s stability at higher speeds.
  • It minimizes the strain on other parts.
  • Ensures better handling and results in a safer drive.

Meanwhile, an improper alignment will just result in a rapid wear besides affecting the handling. It also causes uneven braking, stress the suspension system and leads to an unsafe drive. Therefore, to prevent all these problems, you are suggested to get your wheels aligned every six months or get them checked by a professional to ensure good health of tyres.

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3) Maintaining air pressure:

Air or tyre pressure is referred to the amount of air present in a car’s tyre. In general, a tyre loses air of around two pounds every month and this measured using a PSI (pounds per square inch) or BAR pressure. The actual tyre pressure normally varies from one vehicle to the other. The correct details can be found inside the fuel filler flap, vehicle’s manual or even on a plate, which is present on the driver’s door. This method offers several benefits like:

  • It reduces carbon dioxide emissions and contributes to a good environment.
  • It ensures safety by avoiding overheating and helps in an efficient handling.
  • Tyres with appropriate air pressure tend to suffer less damage.
  • It saves fuel and increases tyre’s durability.
  • It avoids premature wear and damage to its internal construction.

Some of the drawbacks of an inaccurate air pressure is it affects the traction and lowers the ride comfort. Tyres may get overheated thus, resulting in tread separation. Generally, tyre pressure changes depending on the temperature as well. So, you are suggested to have your tyre’s air pressure checked mainly when they are cold. The technicians usually make use of an air gauge to check this pressure. It is preferable to go through this procedure at least once a month.

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4) Tyre wear and depth:

The tread depth plays a key role in the safety of a vehicle. A tyre should be replaced with a new one before the tread wears to 1.6mm. Most of the tyres normally come with wear indicators that are present at the base of tread grooves. A healthy tyre offers a number of benefits like it helps in dispersing more water from the surface and prevents aquaplaning. It increases traction and maintains stability as well as control. Moreover, it also shortens the braking distance and enhances grip even on wet roads. Therefore, you have to regularly examine the depth of the tread so that, they can be replaced when they are damaged.

The above are some of the significant methods that every owner of a vehicle should consider in order to increase the tyre’s life and its overall performance.

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