A Quick Guide To Repair Tyres

Published On 26-Mar-2020By TyreDekho Team

Tyre repair-guide

Whether on a car, bike or even a truck, all of us have gone through the ardour of a flat tyre. Every other road in our world, has given one of the vehicles rolling down it the hard time of a tyre puncture. This is, statistically, one of the most frequent, not to mention annoying, minor mishaps that occur on the road.

Having to deal with a flat tyre is an essential aspect of driving any motor vehicle. However, it's rather surprising to unveil that, for most people, the idea of handling a deflated tyre is nothing short of frightening. Repairing flat tyres takes patience and a specific set of skills. But you don't have to be an expert to learn this and save the situation in case you ever happen to face an unexpected flat tyre in one of your drives.

Guide to a quick and easy repair:

Tyre repair is simple enough. With the right tools and a sound knowledge, it becomes quick and easy for anyone to follow.

First, here is a quick list of the things that you would need before you start.

  • A tyre plug kit.
  • A spare tyre.
  • A jack.
  • A lug wrench with a socket on one end, and a pry bar on the other.

Additional tools, which may be needed, based on the model of your vehicle, include:

  • A wheel lock.
  • Extension bars for lowering the spare tyre.
  • Alignment studs.

These form a righteous list of instruments needed for repairing a tyre, but when centering on the entire job itself, this list could expand to include the following necessities for performing this task.

  • A flashlight for looking under the vehicle, if it's night.
  • Surgical gloves, or handwraps for enhanced protection of your palms.
  • A mat, or a tarp, to kneel on.
  • Road flares or reflecting triangles, so that you make yourself seen by other motorists on the road.
  • Tyre pressure gauge, to have the air pressure checked.
  • Tyre blocks, to shield these components from rolling any further when performing the task.


So before you start, here is the first and most essential step, and be sure not to skip this. Read the instructions as given on your manual. This is important because different manufacturers give different directions, which may vary slightly in steps, and give you a further insight to make the job easier.

  • Try and find the object that has punctured your tyre, and pull it out. This step is not mandatory, but it might prove an additional help in some cases.
  • Loosen the lug nuts using a tire wrench, with the car stable on the ground.
  • Lift the car with a jack at the jacking point.
  • Remove the lug nuts, and then pull the wheel off the hub.
  • Make a brief survey of the tyre, and try to find foreign objects. Try and identify if something doesn't seem to blend into the structure of a tyre.
  • After locating the object, pull it out using a pair of pliers. Mark this specific spot, either with markers or chalk.
  • Mix soap with water, and apply it to the surface of the tyre. This is to locate the site of the leak. Bubbles will appear wherever the leak has occurred. Mark this area.
  • Bring the rasp tool from the tyre plug kit. Insert this into and out of the hole quickly. This is meant to clean and roughen the area to ensure that the fix will stick.
  • Using the insertion tool, place the plug into the hole and cement it. Bear in mind that there should be about an inch of the plug protruding out of the tyre.
  • Wait for the adhesive to dry, and then cut away the excess plug material from the tyre surface.
  • To check if it is at the right pressure, inflate it a bit.
  • Apply soap mixture to the plugged hole again, to see if the repaired spot is holding firmly.

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Tyres are made up of durable materials, but they can only withstand so much. One can bridge the distance to a better and longer lasting tyre by ensuring that the repair process is well done and upholding. These steps are meant to ensure a quick, smooth and safe getaway from a tyre deflation.

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