Apollo Tyres file patent for advanced Eco-friendly rubber compound ENR

Published On 2017-11-14 21:29:09By Ramit Anand 2635 views

One of India’s leading tyre makers-Apollo tyres, has developed a highly advanced rubber compound, which has been patented by the Indian government as Patent No.-287630.

Special grade Epoxide Natural Rubber, abbreviated as ( ENR ), has been developed by Apollo in tandem with Rubber Research Institute of India ( RRI). ENR is being pegged as a viable substitute of the expensive Solution- Polymerized Styrene Butadiene Rubber ( S-SBR).

S-SBR finds a wide use in making of high performance tyres and the more durable winter-tyres. With Dr. Chandra at the helm of this R&D, the creation of ENR could substantially reduce the cost of tyres and could lend a technological fillip to Apollo Tyres , possibly giving the company an edge over other tyre makers.

Daniele Lorenzetti, CTO, Apollo Tyres, extolled Dr. Chandra’s efforts and said, “This innovation is a result of our commitment to replace synthetic materials with green and more environment-friendly naturally occurring materials. I congratulate the entire team involved in this, including the scientists from Rubber Research Institute of India, for this invention.”

ENR could very well be a game changer in the near future. The existing S-SBR being used in making of premium and high performance tyres is not only expensive but also not environment friendly. ENR has the tendency to touch upon a few critical areas that concern customers when it comes to buying tyres. A lot now depends on how the tyre makers use of this new ENR compound to curate line-up of high quality tyres at reasonable prices.

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