Basic tips on alloy wheels and tyre upsizing

Alloy wheels and tyre upgrade

Alloy wheels and tyre upgrade

A wheel is unarguably the most crucial component in an automobile’s running. That’s not saying that other parts in a car are insignificant, but to convert all the mechanical forces into motion in a vehicle, everything comes down to the fact on how efficiently you put the power down.

Besides doing the regular job that involves road-holding, braking, soaking up bumps etc., a tasteful set of wheels can also make your car look attractive. Which is where the thriving business of aftermarket alloy wheels comes into picture. A market place that generates a lot of interest from all sect of car buyers. So, if you are looking to upgrade your set of wheels so as to enhance the look of your ride while also improving its driving characteristics, read on…

What’s the purpose of upsizing tyres or fitting alloy wheels?

Barring a handful of bare-basic entry level cars, almost all the vehicles sold these days come with an optional choice of alloy wheels. However, as you must have also observed, alloy wheels come fitted only in top-of-the-range variants of cars; meaning you have to shell out a lot more cash over lower-spec variants just to get company-fitted alloys. What’s more, there’s a limited choice of designs, and most of the premium you end up paying usually includes other additional equipment, which you might not necessarily need. Also, in most of the mainstream cars (hatchbacks/sedans) sold in India, you will usually find thinner and high-profile rubber shod on steel rims. While these are good for fuel-economy and in soaking up undulations on the road, their performance is a tad underwhelming in terms of road grip, cornering, braking etc.

What you do in that case is upsize your vehicle’s tyres with aftermarket alloy wheels and more grippy tyres. Not only do you get a plethora of brands, designs etc., to choose from, but also get reasonable deals and pay only for stuff you need.

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