Best Fuel-Efficient Car Tyres

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Fuel Effecient tyre

With mounting pollution levels, every section of the automotive industry is finding ways to lessen the environmental impact through advance powertrains and latest techs. And in this league, even tyre manufacturers are not behind. Come January 1, 2022, we may see tyre makers in India follow global norms concerning fuel consumption in their tyres.

By then, under the new government norms, every tyre will see fuel saving feature and rolling resistance (RR) marking inscribed on the tyre sidewall. However, if at present, you are looking to switch to tyres that save fuel. Here is a list of fuel-efficient passenger car tyres that can make a difference in your monthly fuel bills. Take a look.

Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 

Price Range: Rs 3240-7025 

Offered in sizes ranging from 13-inch to 17-inch, Bridgestone Ecopia150 can be installed in most of the hatchbacks, sedans, crossovers, and compact SUVs in the country. It receives brilliant low-rolling resistance technology that saves fuel without sacrificing on the safety aspect. Thanks to the use of company’s advance nano particle expertise it reduces fuel consumption by 7% and prevents the tyre from overheating during motion. Other important characteristics of the tyre include excellent braking performance, reduced noise levels, better tread life and superior comfort.


Michelin Energy XM2

Price range: Rs 3325-8520

The very reliable offering from the French tyre maker, Michelin Energy XM2 caters to passenger cars right from the entry-level. To extract maximum fuel savings, it uses silica-based compound at the tread, which diminishes friction amid the road and tread area resulting in less energy loss. Tested thoroughly under Indian conditions, XM2 offers 22% cut in rolling resistance against its leading tyre rival in the country. The premium tyre is made available in 12-16 inch rim dimensions and is the best match of safety, longer tread life and fuel savings.


CEAT FuelSmarrt

Price range: Rs 2775-5240

The fuel saving specialist from CEAT is endowed with rigid tread design and imbibes advanced polymer for high fuel mileage. Offered in the size range of 12-15 inches it handles speedy drives well owing to its wide contact patch area and effective grip pattern. According to the tests conducted it gulps in 7% less fuel compared to any other car tyre on Indian roads. The diverse range of CEAT FuelSmarrt tyres can be fitted to smaller – Mahindra e2O, Maruti Alto, etc. – and larger – Maruti Ertiga and VW Vento – vehicles alike. Priced economically, the tubeless tyre also scores high on ride handling and cornering ability.


Yokohama BluEarth AE50 

Price range: Rs 4100-12200

The class-leading tyre with maximum grip and maximum fuel savings incorporates dual rubber compound for better wet and fuel-efficient performance. The use of Nano blend polymers allows exceptional manoeuvrability and balanced performance in the city and on the highways. The asymmetric tread pattern tyre offered in 14-18 inch rim sizes comes with W speed rating for confident high-speed performance. Some other high points of the Yokohama BluEarth AE50  tyre include superior wet/dry traction, comfort, silence levels and others.


So move to eco-friendly tyres and save not only money spent on fuel, but also make a positive impact on our ecological system.

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