Best Mud-Terrain Tyres 2020

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If you’re looking for the best mud tyres (MT tyres) for your car, you’ve found the right place!

Best Mud-terrain Tyres in India

For a hardcore adventurer seeking a robust set of mud-terrain or MT tyres is never easy. Especially in India where many times mud-terrain tyres are confused with all-terrain (AT) tyres due to similarities in their tread patterns. Therefore, as an enthusiast, it’s important to know the different set of MT tyres available in the market. So let’s first understand what are mud-terrain tyres?

Mud-terrain tyres consist of large, chunky tread patterns for easy handling under deep mud and snow. Some are even capable of traversing through jagged rocks effortlessly. Generally, fitted to 4×4 SUVs, pick-up trucks, or any other kind of four-wheel-drive vehicles, MT tyres are designed to tackle extreme off-road conditions. These tough-built tyres are not recommended for daily use as they ought to compromise on ride quality, noise levels, fuel efficiency, and other basic aspects of standard tyres. Thus, if you are someone who devotes about 80 per cent of time off the road, mud terrain tyres are for you.

Given below are the handpicked MT tyres that feature immense off-road capabilities and can easily handle extreme abuse under demanding conditions.

Yokohama Geolandar MT+

A promising off-roading tyre from Yokohama, it masters excellent grip and stability with its twin cut grooves and circumferential groove at the centre. The unique directional pattern allows brilliant performance under mud and dirt terrains. It features exceptional anti-wear and anti-chipping attributes under on and off-road driving respectively. It offers high aesthetic appeal and improved cut and puncture resistance ensured by dual protection bars at shoulders during extreme situations. The buttressed shoulder bar also aids in the scattering of the dirt and mud on its own.

Best Mud-terrain Tyres in India

Pirelli Scorpion MTR

Dedicated off-road tyre from Pirelli specialises in high resistance to lateral impact, while the tread blocks allow stable drive on uneven terrain. Its transversal grooves and use of robust tread compound enables enhanced traction on muddy and slippery surfaces alongside surefooted traction on steep surfaces. Acclaimed for its superior impact resistance feature and better safety from sharp object penetration, it gets reinforced sidewall and high rubber content around the bead. The tyre offers stability and safety with its excellent self-cleaning mechanism.

Best Mud-terrain Tyres in India

Maxxis BigHorn MT-764

The MT-764 Bighorn is one of the most potent 4×4 radials in the Maxxis’ global tyre portfolio. It’s the first choice of the off-road enthusiasts in the Indian aftermarket. It offers distinctive capabilities under off-road conditions thanks to its aesthetically appealing aggressive lug shoulder design with wide and deep tread area for increased stability on all wet and dry surfaces. Its robust and rigid structure reinforces excellent puncture resistance, while staggered lugs at shoulders call for additional stick to the surface.

Best Mud-terrain Tyres in India

Hankook Dynapro MT

Designed quite innovatively, the well known off roading tyre offers multi-directional traction thanks to its zigzag shoulder design and upward/downward arrow-inspired tread pattern. For optimum stiffness throughout off-road drives, it uses nylon reinforced high strength belts which leads to enhanced steering precision and excellent durability. The unique feature of under-groove protector and side protection block shields impact damage from sharp objects and reduces external shock for excellent driving safety. The Dynapro MT is made available in extensive size range and fits most of the leading 4×4 SUVs and lifestyle pick-ups in India.

Best Mud-terrain Tyres in India

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