Bridgestone adds two new tyres to its MotoGP line-up

Published On 2015-03-23 12:20:17By Nabanita Bhattacharya 2319 views

Bridgestone MotoGP new tyres

Bridgestone have added two new tyres to its MotoGP tyres line-up. Although the Japanese tyre manufacturer might quit the show at the end of this season, it has included two new tyres to the 2015 allocation after the 2014 developments. The company has offered the teams and riders with six different specifications of tyres for use throughout the season.

The new tyres developed by Bridgestone consist of an extra-hard rear compound and an asymmetric front. This extra-hard rear compound will be unveiled at the Argentine Grand Prix that popular for its highly abrasive surface. The asymmetric front, which will also be available throughout the season, was introduced at the Philip Island Circuit last year. It will be available at tracks like Sachsenring and Philip Island, where one side of the tyre gets far more use than the other.

The asymmetric front tyre received mixed reviews. On one hand, it was praised by many riders and got positive reviews while on the other hand, several riders complaint about it as they suffered numerous crashes using the tyre as the temperature dropped midway through the race. However, under more steady temperature conditions, it is believed to offer a better performance at circuits like Phillip Island which heavily favour one side of the tyre.

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