BMW, logistics partner kick off pilot project using Continental tyres and ContiPressureCheck

Published On 2015-08-13 22:54:50By Siddharth Sharma 728 views

BMW e-truck

Continental AG is supplying their third-generation truck tyres and ContiPressureCheck to a joint pilot project initiated by BMW Group and its logistics partner Scherm Group. This project will focus on promoting eco-friendly trucks. A Terberg YT202-EV (electric yard tractor) will be equipped with a 355/50 R22.5-sized Conti EcoPlus HS3 tyres on the steering axle and a 295/55 R22.5-sized Conti EcoPlus HD3 tyres on the drive axle whereas the trailer attached to the truck will utilise a 445/45 R19.5 Conti Hybrid HT3 trailer tyres.

The electric truck was presented at an official ceremony by Ilse Aigner, Minister of State of Bavaria. The trucks used for this project has been travelling between Scherm logistics company and Munich-based BMW plant several times in a day since early July.  The Conti-Hybrib HT3 R19.5 doing duty on the trailers were developed for combined use on the regional roads and highways. These tyres provide performance under frequent stop-start conditions in urban traffic and cornering encountered on residential roads. This tyre also gets a B rating EU tyre label which is given to a fuel-efficient tyre.

Because correct tyre pressure is important to maintain tyre safety and get the best performance out of the tyre, the ContiPressureCheck tyre pressure monitoring system will display the real-time tyre pressure and temperature of the truck tyres. Maintaining tyre pressure also ensures the tyre casing and the structure is not damaged over a period of time and if the tyre structure is maintained even when the tread is worn out, the tyre can be retreaded without any problem.

ContiPressureCheck is aimed at making a positive contribution to sustainable and environmentally-friendly goods transportation by preventing punctures and maintaining tyre casing integrity over a period of multiple retreads.

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