Coronavirus: Michelin Closes Factory In Europe And North America

Published On 23-Mar-2020By TyreDekho Team

The pandemic forces temporary suspension of factories ranging from one to two weeks in these regions

Michelin Observes Lock Down In Europe And North America Based Manufacturing Facilities

The new entrant in the shut down bandwagon due to COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is Michelin. The French tyre has decided to close its tyre production units in some European regions comprising of Italy, Spain and France. This scheduled shut down will be of seven days. In another update, in view of precautionary measures, Michelin has temporarily locked down its facilities in North America for two weeks.

On the backdrop of the pandemic, the tyre giant has issued the statement “taking all the measures required to safeguard the health of its employees, in close cooperation with local authorities in every host country.”

The three countries – Italy, Spain and France – that face the suspension of factories are the worst hit by the global pandemic. Moreover, in North America, despite its two weeks phased suspension it will continue to produce essential and critical tyres needed for USA’s economic stability. Michelin is one of most important tyre suppliers to the US army.

The spread of deadly virus in Italy surpassed the number of deaths in China on the 20th March. Likewise, France registered death of over hundred people in one single day.

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The pandemic is at present causing mayhem in European countries forcing key tyre manufacturer to pull off their production units. The administrations in France, Italy and Spain have instigated complete closure and have asked its citizens to stay at home most of the time.

Considering the covid-19 situation, Michelin is closely watching the developments and accordingly, the short-, mid- and long-term plans are being drafted for its facilities worldwide and particularly in North America. The company stated, the situation remains normal for now.

“While we are facing some supply chain disruption, our components, semi-finishes and products are still able to circulate. As the situation changes we will make adjustments to our production accordingly,” Michelin says.

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Meanwhile, Bridgestone too has suspended production temporarily at its production facilities in Latin America and North America. The facilities have been shut down from today and likely to re-open by April 12 provided the situation betters. Goodyear too plans to close its plants in Europe, North America and South America regions in phases.

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