Dunlop Testing for 2016 Moto 2 Tyres

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Dunlop Testing for 2016 Moto 2 Tyres

Following the Catalunya race weekend, 16 different Moto 2 riders tested two Dunlop tyres S2 and S4, having different compound composition that could be used for 2016 season. Currently Dunlop is the sole tyre supplier for Moto 2 and Moto 3 class. Tyres were tested on two racetacks – Barcelona and Aragon. Rubber compound in the test tyres were tested for its wider operating window, so that they can be versatile and deliver consistent performance.

Most of the racers gave positive first impressions about the new tyre. The newly developed Dunlop tyres were also said to offer seemingly less wear.

Johann Zarco, one of the Moto 2 riders tested the new compound tyre with lap times close to race pace. Zarco said: “The rain broke up the day a little, but we have drawn some very positive conclusions. In addition, although we tested different set-ups, we were able to ride almost as fast as in the race and the truth is that I felt more relaxed on the bike than before”.

Simon Betney, international event manager, Dunlop Motorsport, said: “Catalunya was another great event with more records smashed on our 2015 specification tyres. Even so we are looking ahead and tested some new options on two different tracks this week in preparation for 2016. Initial feedback is good with more grip in addition to the tyres being even more versatile for track and weather conditions.”
Riders also tested the new suspension that could work best with new tyres in 2016 season. Tech3 men tested the new Kayaba , while the other teams used WP suspensions

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