Factory in Iceland to soon start churning out solid fuel from used tyres

Published On 07-Jun-2016By TyreDekho Team

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Do you know close to one billion tyres get replaced worldwide every year? Reducing the environmental impact of used tyres is a serious concern nowadays. The currently available tyres are not simply made of pure natural rubber but of several components like natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon black, silica, steel, cord, polyester, chemicals and several waxes. This makes them quite durable. Therefore, these used tyres need to be dealt with in a way that is sustainable and does not harm our environment.

Currently, most of the old tyres are either used for road construction or used instead of coal in power stations and cement kilns.

In Iceland, a company called G2 Brenna Holdings is planning to build a factory near Reykjavík that will use chipped old tyres and convert them into oil, gas and solid fuel. The company has already applied for a plot from Reykjanesbaer municipality and is expected to build a factory and employ 70 people in the same.

G2 Brenna Holdings presented a proposal to Reykjanesbær Employment and Harbors Committee last week. However, a decision is yet to be made.

Ingvar Eyfjoro from G2 Brenna Holdings has not disclosed the details of the proposal to the public but confirmed that the process is underway and that they are financially backed by an overseas investor. Several experiments to process and convert the used tyres into fuel are underway at an experimental factory. However, the location of this facility is still undisclosed. The company is trying to remain tight-lipped about the progress since the final decision is yet to be made by the Employment and Harbors Committee.

Halldór Karl Hermannsson, Reykjanesbær harbor master, said the idea has been presented in a form that would create 70 jobs and plenty of gas and oil. He also said the idea has come far enough for the company involved to already be investigating an investment contract with the State.

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