Falken launches its flagship tyre Azenis FK510 for SUVs

Published On 2016-11-10 17:53:25By Ramit Anand 853 views

Japanese tire maker, Falken, has plans of introducing an SUV compatible iteration of its flagship performance tyre Azenis FK510. An Ultra High Performance tyre, FK510 would be available in a total of 19 sizes, ranging from 17” to 22” and will have high speed ratings of W or Y. This is in tandem with Falken tire’s strategy of supplying high quality products in segments showing high signs of growth, such as performance oriented SUVs.

In order to make Azenis FK510 extract and deliver the power of those high BHP SUVs, the company has made some assertive changes to the tyre. These tyres would come with a new casing design which improves handling and load bearing capacity. The new casing profile also increases the flexibility of the sidewalls, thereby, improving driving comfort.

The tread pattern is pretty much similar to FK510 passenger tyre. The blade-like sipes make for superior water evacuation and offer high resistance to hydroplaning. Falken has continued the use of its Adaptive Constant Pressure ( ACP ) technology, that improves the tyre contact patch. This improves braking capabilities, directional stability and also enhances the tyre life.

The Azenis FK510 SUV provides everything for the modern SUV driver with a high standard of driving dynamics, very short braking distances and very good aquaplaning characteristics,” says Andreas Giese, Manager, Product Planning, Falken Tire Europe. “We are confident that the tyre will be well-received among SUV drivers, just like the model for cars was well-received by drivers.”

Employing the 4D Nano Design technology, the engineers at Falken have been able to come up with an innovative rubber compound which offers improved wear life.

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