Falken’s concept tyre tries to solve mileage and handling issues of SUVs

Published On 2015-03-26 12:00:39By Nabanita Bhattacharya 865 views

Falken's concept tyre tries to solve mileage and handling issues

Japanese tyre company Falken Tyres is set to introduce a concept hybrid tyre for SUVs. The new concept tyre is supposed to answer the “demands for both extended range and dynamic handling” that is expected from the customers who own electric SUVs.

According to Falken, the concept tyre got its inspiration from the production tyres which are presently equipped on motorcycles. The inner segment of the concept tyre features a curved surface that will provide better grip during extreme cornering. It is quite similar to the motorcycle tyre that provides a greater contact patch.

On the other hand, the outer part of the tyre gets a “low rolling resistance slick surface”. The water dispersion grooves are strategically placed in order to give an enhanced performance in wet weather condition.

Matt Smith, Director of Falken UK, said, “Consumers want to have the best range with a hybrid but are not prepared to sacrifice an ‘involving’ driving experience with sporting dynamics.”

However, the tyre is still just a concept and the company has no confirmed plans or date to put it into series production. With that said, the company believes that such an approach will be the norm in time to come as tyre design progresses.

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