Five Factors To Consider Before Getting Your Motorcycle Tyres Replaced

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A basic guide about when you should get your motorcycle tyres replaced and factors responsible for tyre wear

Five Factors To Consider Before Getting Your Motorcycle Tyres Replaced

One of the most crucial parts of your motorcycle is the tyres because it is the only component of the bike that stays in contact with the road. You should always consider maintaining your motorcycle’s tyre in order to get a decent ride quality and traction. The tyres not only play a major role in delivering good performance but also make sure that the rider is completely secured. Just like any other component of the bike, the tyre tends to wear with time and usage.

Here are the top five indications that will help you in knowing when you should get your tyres replaced:

Wear: Wear is the most typical indicator that you follow to understand the fact that your tyres can not run further and replacement is the only solution. Many of you do not know how to figure out that the tyre has worn out. In that case, a Tyre Wear Indicator (TWI) mark can be very useful for you, which is provided by most of the reputed tyremaker. You can find this triangular arrow mark on the sidewalls of your motorcycle’s tyre and determine when the tyre has reached its limits. In order to slow down the process of wear and tear, you should ride your motorcycle sensibly and always maintain the air pressure.

Tyre’s age: People might think that if they do not ride their bike and keep it stored in the garage for years, then the tyres will last them longer, which is totally a wrong concept. A tyre is made out of a rubber compound that tends to lose durability with time. Even if your bike’s tyre has no wear and cuts, but it is more than five years old then its high time to get them replaced because a majority of the tyremakers advises replacing the tyres after every five years regardless of their physical condition. One of the prime reasons behind this advice is that tyre comes with an oil that tends to evaporate with time and harden the tyres, which further reduces the performance of the tyre.

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Irregular tread wear: In some cases, you might not be able to spot the wears, but that does not mean that it will not affect the performance. Sometimes, the shape of the tyre gets changed, which can put a major impact on future usability. You should periodically get your tyres checked inside-out to make sure the tyre is in decent condition.

Loads of cuts or punctures: If you are riding with tyres that have faced a lot of punctures then it is advisable to get them replaced as soon as possible. Majority of the people ignore this factor and continues to use the same tyre by getting it repaired again and again, which can be very dangerous. If you are in a budget, then consider buying low-cost tyres as it will be better than riding with the repaired tyres. If your tyre has a lot of cuts, then it will not only put a negative impact on the ride quality but will also hold a risk of tyre burst.

Scalping of the front tyre: If you have a poor suspension setup, then it can lead to scalping of the front tyre. This can be very dangerous as it causes stability and handling issues. If your front tyre is getting scalped, then consider replacing the tyres and also get your suspensions checked.

After going through the factors mentioned above, you have a clear concept of when you should get your tyres replaced and if you do not want to change your tyres very frequently then considering maintaining them by keeping precise tyre pressure in the tyre and riding your bike in a sensible manner.

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