Fleeca India Eyes To Reduce Gender Gap In Tyre Industry

Published On 08-Mar-2022By TyreDekho Team

Recruits women Service Engineers for Tyre services at Highways.

Fleeca India Eyes To Reduce Gender Gap In Tyre Industry

Fleeca India Pvt Ltd a tyre management company is working towards Women Empowerment in Tyre Management industry. It is an initiative to empower and support women to take up a career in automobile, logistics and fleet industries.

According to a McKinsey Global Institute report “Only 25% of India’s labour force is female.” The same situation exists in the automobile industry as well.

The automobile industry has long been perceived as unsuited for women, resulting in a significant underrepresentation of women in this profession. Lack of understanding, the diversity of manufacturing across industries, and restricted access to skill development programmes have all contributed to these myths and underrepresentation.

As a result, Fleeca lays a strong emphasis on women empowerment and is working to reduce the gender gap in their workforce. Fleeca's mission is to empower and inspire girls and women to get a greater understanding of the tyre industry, gain access to tools and training, and consider a career in tyre management.

Inspired by Ms. Yogita Raghuvanshi, a true superwoman in the logistics and transportation industry who defied gender norms to become the first female truck driver, who offered the most illustrious example of a woman who can accomplish anything.

Ms. Shanti Devi, the first and only female truck/tyre mechanic, is another example. Both of them are true inspirations who overcame adversity to become great members of the male-dominated Road Transport Industry.

Commencing this initiative, Mr Tikam Jain, CEO and Founder at Fleeca India said, “We wanted to integrate women power in the sector of tyre management, tyre service, and tyre maintenance. Though it continued crawling into my thoughts, I always wanted to make Fleeca India more inclusive because of the nature of this job role, which is a rigorous and challenging field job, but that fear dissipated after I learned about the growing number of women working in logistics and transportation industry.”

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“This has inspired me, and we are searching for a feminine force, "The Nari Shakti," to be a part of Fleeca and contribute to the organisation. Fleeca India has opened its doors for more and more female workforce."

"Logistics and transport continue to be a strong growth area in India, and we need to establish the necessary resource pool to match such an ambitious goal," stated Mr Mukesh Sinha, Manager of Fleeca Training Center in Mumbai.

“Fleeca has pledged to prepare and deploy untapped female talent to achieve a more gender-balanced logistics society. Women at all levels have access to targeted measures and themes such as learning initiatives, sensitization workshops, and mentoring.”

“We are seeing a significant shift in the industry as a result of the presence of women in this area, as individuals are more organised, producing a clean and sustainable ecosystem, and being efficient and disciplined."

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