Goodyear launches new fuel efficient long haul tyres “Fuel Max LHS”

Published On 2015-03-18 06:02:10By Nabanita Bhattacharya 1655 views

Fuel Max LHS goodyear

Goodyear launched a new fuel efficient tyre, named Goodyear Fuel Max LHS, in America. Earlier, in October 2014, the American tyre marque introduced Goodyear Fuel Max LHD G505D, its most fuel efficient long haul drive tyre. Now, the Fuel Max LHS has been launched and it is a fuel efficient long haul steer tyre thats would complement the long haul drive tyre.

In addition to an excelent fuel economy, the newly launched Goodyear Fuel max also provides a specially designed multi-layered tread compounding that would help in the tyres’s even wear. It will also help with penetration resistance that will help in preventing stime drilling on the tyre surface. Apart from these, it offers a steel belt and casing for improved endurance & toughness. The tyres are smart way-verified as well.

Gary Madalis, the director of marketing for Goodyear Commercial Tire Systems said: “The Goodyear Fuel Max LHD G505D & the Goodyear Fuel Max LHS will make for the most fuel efficient long haul tyre combination in all of North America.” Adding to the comments of Gary, Brian Buckham, general manager of product marketing Goodyear also said that the “Long-haul trucking fleets’ operating expenses are rising all the time, Fuel doesn’t have to be one of them. That’s why we’ve developed the Goodyear Fuel Max LHD G505D and the Goodyear Fuel Max LHS to offer superior fuel efficiency.”

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