Goodyear launches 3rd-gen Eagle F1 performance tyre

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Goodyear launches 3rd-gen Eagle F1 performance tyre
Goodyear introduced its next generation ultra-high performance summer tyre, Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3. The Eagle series of tyres has given the manufacturer many test wins and a proven track record of original equipment homogolation. The technologies used in the latest Eagle F1 tyres help to improve braking, handling and control performance in both dry and wet conditions. These performance characteristics are verified by the TUV Sud tests.

According to Goodyear Dunlop’s internal forecast, the ultra high-performance (UHP) segment continues to grow in accordance with the external estimates.

The tyre maker says that it is expecting a compound annual growth rate of 3 per cent between 2015 and 2020. According to Global Insights/HIS, this growth rate represents more than 9 million tyres. The growing popularity of ultra high-performance tyres among the car manufacturers of C, D and E segments forms the basis for this growth prediction. The Goodyear Eagle F1 has been designed with driver expectations in mind and mainly geared towards the drivers of high performance saloons and sports cars.

The company claims that they have worked to optimise the tyre’s safety and performance characteristics. Over 36,000 engineering hours went into the development of the Eagle F1. This includes over 5,000 tests comprising of 1,200 tests on the road and 3,800 on the test locations in five countries. The total distance covered during the test session is 330,000 km.

Some important technologies that went into the development of Eagle F1 tyres:

• Active Braking Technology, which increases the contact patch’s surface area and grip when braking, achieving a shorter braking distance.
• Goodyear’s new Grip Booster compound increases grip during braking and handling – an adhesive resin increases stickiness and delivers better grip and improved handling on wet and dry roads.
• Reinforced Construction Technology improves steering precision and durability by delivering a stronger lightweight construction.

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