Goodyear releases informative video featuring famous football players

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Goodyear releases informative video featuring famous football players

Goodyear has released an informative video featuring famous football players. The video, “hit the road with the right shoes”, focuses on the importance of choosing the right and good quality tyres. In this video, tyres have been compared with the shoes of the footballers. Tyres are the fundamental connection between a vehicle and the road, just like the shoes are the only point of connection between our foot and the ground surface. Just like shoes are the most important thing for a footballer to perform well on the field, our vehicles also need the best quality tyres to perform smoothly on road. It is also very important that we choose the right type of tyres depending upon out driving style and the vehicle we have. The video shows that no matter who is playing, unless they are equipped with required equipment, they will not be able to get the best out of them.

It says that even Juventus and Italian World Cup winning football player Andrea Pirlo finds it quite hard to give his best shots if he is wearing the wrong shoes. And it shows that how important it is to wear or select appropriate shoes while playing in order to give top-notch performance. Similarly, our vehicles also should have the right shoes, that are the tyres in this case, while running on road. If we equip our cars with good quality tyres according to the need of the vehicle, it will give its best performance and will also provide us with a pleasant and smooth ride.

P. K. Walia, VP of Consumer tyres for Goodyear India said: “Many athletes depend on their shoes for grip and performance, and getting the right fit of tyre is similarly important for the handling and performance of a vehicle.”

Walia added: “Just like the way people select the right shoes for other occasions; be it running, trekking, a night out, or even professionals on the football field, they should also consider what the right tyres are for their vehicle and driving requirements to help provide a smoother, more comfortable and a safer experience”.

Just like high performance sportswear that are built to provide enhanced performance to the athletes, Goodyear tyres are made to deliver several performance benefits for motorists. These include increased safety through shorter braking distances, better fuel efficiency through Fuel Saving Technology and improved all-terrain capability through specially designed SUV tyres.,

Want to view Goodyear’s Hit the road with the right shoes” video featuring the Juventus football stars? Just go to the Goodyear India YouTube channel: here

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