Hankook Unveils flagship performance tyre Ventus Prime3 at Frankfurt Motor Show

Published On 2015-09-17 19:35:30By Siddharth Sharma 889 views

Hankook Unveils flagship performance tyre Ventus Prime3 at Frankfurt Motor Show

Hankook has revealed its Ventus Prime3 tyre at the International Motor Show (IAA) that is being held in Frankfurt till September 27, 2015. The Ventus Prime3 will be placed under the company’s performance line of tyres as its flagship model. It is considered to be an improvement over the Ventus Prime2, featuring improved handling and braking performance in dry condition as well as good performance on wet surfaces. The tyre will be offered in various sizes ranging from 15-18 inches.

The company said that significant improvement has been made for the tyre’s dry grip performance. The developers utilised an optimised design technology so that enhanced tread block stiffness increases the actual contact ratio of the tyre. Additionally, the dual stiffness of the rib and the solid outside block deliver further stability and superior handling. The rib tread also lowers the tyre’s rolling resistance.

As per the company, the tyre’s braking performance on wet surfaces was improved by adding a four-channel groove that results in rapid water drainage. The depth of each groove is calculated and positioned on the tyre in a way that maintains the tyre’s balance and makes it capable of performing well in both wet and dry conditions.

To reduce the tyre noise, the tyre features a noise care pitch and an optimised lateral groove angle. It also has a Visual Alignment Indicator (VAI) system that is actually a marking on the tyre shoulder to check the alignment of tyres.

Seung Hwa Suh, Vice Chairman and CEO of Hankook Tire, said, “By focusing on both performance and safety, our new Ventus Prime3 gives drivers access to some of the tyre industry’s most remarkable advancements.”

“The company’s dedication to continuous R&D investment has helped us to carve out a name for ourselves as a global leader in tyre technology. We look forward to presenting these tyres and the rest of our groundbreaking line-up at the upcoming IAA Motor Show,” he added.

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